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New York City: Where I Stayed!

Last week I went to New York City and it was amazing. I went with my best friend and we stayed at The Gallivant Times Square I know booking hotels can be stressful and sometimes a hit or miss so I thought I would share my thoughts on my stay in New York.

When we arrived, the staff were nice and friendly. Checking in was quick and easy and off we went to our room. The location of the hotel was literally a stone throw away from time square, it was such a good location and easy access to subways too.

The room was clean, and someone came in daily to change the towels and have a tidy. The bathroom was regularly cleaned and looked fresh. The only issue I found was the room was so hot, on our first night we had to call to have someone turn off the heaters in the room. Even thought the heater was off there was still hot air coming in so had to open the window a lot, but it was freezing outside, but it wasn’t the end of the world.

The room we had was on the 5th floor and opposite the lifts, so you could hear quite a lot in the hall way. It wasn’t constant, but people don’t seam to have consideration for others, bang around and shout in the hallway. That didn’t particularly bother us, but on the last two nights the person next to us spoke on the phone so loudly you could clearly hear ever single word she said. It was a room joined with a door so wasn’t the best. Due to her talking loudly until all hours for our last night we moved to a different room, but this room was next to a lift so did hear that all night. We just left the tv on and put it on sleep mode, found it easier to sleep that way.

The overall vibe of the hotel was good, everyone was friendly and helpful. They also ordered us a private car to the airport for our desired time and we could store our case there for $2 each.

Based on my experience I would rate the hotel as a 7/10. This is mainly because of the heating system and the noise from the hall way and next door. It was fine for a base as we spent all day out exploring but I didn’t have a great sleep while there, I was woken every night by noises or early in the morning. I’m the kind of person who needs a good night sleep. I would probably stay here again because the location was so good, and the hotel was so clean. I hope this helps for anyone who is planning a visit to New York City.  the-gallivant-times-square



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Hair Assessment’s!

As part of my theatrical and media makeup course I have been doing hair as well. I don’t have to cut or colour hair, not training to be a hairdresser at all. I have been doing temporary colour, different styles and up dos, client consultations and washing hair. I have been really enjoying it and have learnt a lot. We do theory as well as practical, so we learn all about hair and what to do to keep your hair healthy. I’ve learnt the proper technique for washing and styling hair and what I’m most proud of is I learnt to French plait. These are some of the assessments I’ve completed so far.

Conditioning Treatment, Blow-dry and Straighten:

Setting Rollers:

Wash and Diffuse:

Heated Rollers:

French Plaits:


Nintendo Switch Games!

Just before Christmas me and my partner treated ourselves to a Nintendo switch. I had money off in work and there was such a good deal for the Switch Console and two games… couldn’t resist. We have had it glued to our hands for the past few months so thought I would share some of the games we have played on and our thoughts.

Super Mario Odyssey

We went over a friend’s house before we bought the switch and I was hooked on this game. Its so good and there is so much to do. You basically play levels to collect moons to power up the Odyssey, so you can move to the next level. There are so many levels and hidden games within the games… its so good. I genuinely thought I completed it, but I didn’t, there’s still more. You can play two players as well; one person gets to be Mario and one gets to be the hat… it’s a lot of fun. Really worth the money.


Pokémon: Lets Go, Pikachu!

I have always loved Pokémon since I was young, even if it is technically catching animals and making them fight! Its so much fun. I did find it hard at first because you couldn’t jump from one place on the map to the other, you had to go through it all again which took ages. But once you get to a certain point it allows you to jump. It can be very frustrating but very good too.


Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

I really enjoy this game because you can play 4 players in the house and even more online. Its so much fun, I get so bloody competitive and literally move my hands and body with the remote… as if that’s going to help me win.

mario D

They are the games I’ve played so far, and they are all good, Odyssey has to be my favourite though. There are so many other games I want to play, Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe and Zelda are at the top of my list now.

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Character Makeup Assessment

For my character makeup assessments in college I had to create a character, had to be a man because we had to apply fake beard, nose and eyebrows. We had a demonstration of what we needed to do, and it defiantly looked easier than it was to do.

I wasn’t sure what kind of look I wanted to go for. You had to do a full beard at some point to show you could do it, I didn’t want to have to do a full beard for my assessment, so I did one for a practice.

We had to prepare the hair ourselves, it came plaited. We had to wet it and blow-dry it to take it out of that shape it was given to us in. Then we had to pull it apart ready to apply. This was a long process and took me about 45 minutes to do at home. We had to mix two colours together. I chose brown, grey and a little bit of black to make it realistic because my model had dark hair so it worked well.

For my assessment I decided to do a builder. We had an hour and a half to complete the full look and take pictures. We also had to do a mood board for the assessment.

The assessment went better than I thought it would, every time I have practised I’ve taken ages to do it, but I went quite fast on the actual assessment. You apply pros aide (face glue) to the area you want and dry it with the hairdryer. The pros aide needs to be dry to become sticky.

I started with the eyebrows because that was the part I was dreading the most. Its hard to cover someones eyebrows with hair and make it neat so I thought I would get this out the way first. Then I went onto the beard, it makes it easier if you cut a bit of hair, so the edge is straight and kind of poke it into the skin, so it looks like its actual hair. And keep repeating this to the shape you want. Then I cut the eyebrows and beard hair to the shade I wanted.


Once I was happy with the beard and eyebrows I applied the fake nose. Once again, I added pros aide to the area I needed and let it dry. Once applied I used makeup to try and disguise the line of the fake nose and blend into the skin tone. This didn’t take long, I still have 15 minutes left of my assessment time, so I just perfected the entire look and got my model into his costume. I think it made it a little easier for me working on a male because they have facial hair. I got 95% in my assessment which is a distinction, really pleased with this.


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YouTube Accounts I’m Loving!

Stephanie Toms

I came across Steph’s channel towards the end of last year and I just fell in love with her personality. She is so funny and uploads ‘all the dam time’. I really do enjoy her videos. Her videos mainly consist of makeup reviews, clothing hauls and recently she has started doing vlogs, if any of this interests you I would defiantly check her out.


Doctor Mike

I really enjoy Doctors Mikes channel, I always feel like I learn something from his videos. He is an actual real life doctor so is full of knowledge. His videos are really varied, some are informative, his reaction to different medical dramas and responding to the comments. He really mixes it up when it comes to his content.

mike dr

Joel & Lia

I don’t actually know how I came across there channel but I am really glad I did. There channel is mainly about being British and the differences between Britain and other cities. It’s a very chatty channel which I like and I find their content really interesting.


Samantha Ravndahl

The first video of Samantha I watched was ‘The problem with the beauty community’ and I got hooked. I just love her personality and just how honest she comes across. Her channel is based around makeup because she is a makeup artist. I feel like I learn so much from her content, about different ways to do looks and how to do makeup on different faces. Recently she uploaded a video about what makeup she feels is a must for your kit as a working makeup artist and I love it, I found it so interesting and gave me an idea of what I will need once I’m qualified. I would really give her channel a watch if you get a chance.

maxresdefault (2)

Glam & Gore

I’ve been watching this channel for such a long time and I love the content Mykie puts out. She combines glamour makeup and SFX makeup together basically in lots of different ways. She does a lot of interestingly odd videos too, such as tinder picks my makeup, haunted Halloween series and I turned into ….. You really never know what you’re going to get and I really enjoy it.

maxresdefault (1)


Quirky Date Ideas!

Valentine’s day is slowly approaching so I thought I would give some quirky date ideas. Something a little different from the normal dinner and a movie, you can turn your phones off and just enjoy each other’s company.

Mini Golf

A Ghost Tour

Ice Skating

Spa Day

Nature Walk

Make Your Own Cocktails

Evening at A Casino

Brewery Tour

Games Night

Paint Balling


I hope this gave you some inspiration of what to do with your partner or if you are single to do with your friends.


Valentine Gift Ideas!

I feel like over the past few years valentine’s day has become more about spending hundreds of pounds on your partner and treating it like a birthday. Don’t get me wrong me and my partner love spoiling each other but it feels like it’s become more commercialised. We get each other a little something, a card and spend the day together or weekend after.

So here are a few ideas of websites to look on and cute gifts for your partner that don’t cost a bomb, but I feel are very thoughtful. Ill pop links to each of the products to if you want to have a little look.


It sounds a bit od, but it is really cool. I’m sure you have seen an advert for them before. It’s basically a square and you choose photos to go on each side, it comes flat packed and when someone opens it, it pops out with confetti. They are around £7.00 + post and packaging.


This website is brilliant for gifts, whether its cute, funny or slightly dirty they have some great ones. I would just have a look through the website because they have great gifts like a pillow case with your face on it, Giant STI teddys or sweets and chocolates. All depends on what the person you’re buying it for likes.

Photo Frame

I don’t think you can really go wrong with a lovely photo of you and your partner in a picture frame. My partner did this for me a few years ago and I love it, its just so thoughtful. You can pop to your local Tesco and print off a photo instantly. You can get frames from literally anywhere, but paper chase do some lovely ones and not crazy pricey.


Something as simple as a single rose can mean so much to someone. I do love roses and you can go to your local florist to get one, or a few if that’s what you would prefer. Moon pig do some lovely flowers if you don’t have time to go out and get it delivered straight to the person.


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a candle as a present. I always have a candle burning and always have the next one lined up ready to go. There are so many different brands of candles, Yankee Candles are lovely but can be a bit pricey. Most places do their own brands of candles. A brand I really like are Lily-Flame. They look so cute and smell amazing. You can get them in different shops or directly from there website.