Canoeing down the river wye!

We went canoeing down the river wye for my friends birthday. We love doing activities for our birthdays as appose to going on nights out, its just so much more fun. So he decided he wanted to go canoeing. There ended up being seven of us going and to be honest I was a little nervous considering the day we went it was quite windy and i didn’t wanna end up in the river. So they advised that two of the canoes were tided together to make them more stable. We ended up having three people in the one canoe on there own and then four of us in two canoes attached together because we were an odd number.
Im so glad I was in the canoe that was attached because the other one had such a wobble throughout the day and they did almost capsize a few times. On our way down the river we stopped on the side and went and had a drink in the pub which was really fun. We were out on the canoes for a good 5 hours and it was such a laugh. I would really recommend it if you are looking for something fun to do over the summer.

Aqua Park Cardiff!

This was a pop-up activity and they are all over the place. We booked and went down Cardiff bay. Aqua park is basically a giant inflatable obstacle course on the water, and yes, it is just as amazing as it sounds.


We paid £20 each and got to go on the obstacle course for an hour, it doesn’t sound like long but oh its long enough. Its such a physical activity I was shattered after an hour and the day after my entire body was aching but totally worth it.


You wear a swimming costume and they provide you with a wet suit and life jacket. You can take go pros, but you must have a chest strap to actually use it while doing the activity. I unfortunately don’t have a chest strap so couldn’t take it.


This was defiantly worth the money and such a fun day out, we all had such a brilliant time. This is the website for Cardiff if you want to have a little look: Aqua Park Cardiff!


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Hair Assessments throughout college!

I really wasn’t looking forward to this aspect of my course. I’ve never wanted to be a hair dresser, hair has never been my strong suit. To my surprise it was one of my favourite aspects of the course. Throughout the year we had to complete so many different assessments, from Shampooing and conditioning, client consultation, the art of dressing hair, Plating and twisting, up dos and theory alongside our practical lessons. I am pretty proud of how far I have come, before this course I was hopeless with hair. Now I can actually French plait, it’s not amazing but I can actually do it.

I thought I would share all my hair assessments I have done this year because well Im pretty dam proud of them.

Conditioning Treatment, Blow-dry and Straighten:

Dutch plait:


Fishtail plait:


French Plait:

Hair up with a rope plait:

Rope Plait into a Bow:

Wash, Blow-dry and Setting Rollers:

Wash and blow-dry using a diffuser:

Wash, blow-dry and heated rollers:

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Bridal Makeup Assessment!

As part of my college course I had to create a classic bridal look. I found this to be one of the hardest assessments because things had to be perfect and we didn’t have a lot of time to practice it. For the assessment I only had 45 minutes to complete the full makeup look with lashes. After we finished the assessment we could spend as much time as we needed doing our models hair and finish off the full look with a wedding dress to complete the look. I was really happy with my outcome. I got 95% which was a distinction.


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Half Body Paint!

As part of my college course I had to get a model and complete a half body paint. As a class we all put a theme in a hat and one was picked out, we ended up with Jungle. I really wanted under the sea because I love water and the sea basically, so I did that for my back piece instead. I knew I wanted to incorporate water in some way. We didn’t have an opportunity to practice doing this on an actual body, the only practice I had was on a face, back and on my own arm and leg at home. We had 4 hours to complete this assessment and I thought that would drag but I actually could have done with some more time to perfect it.

Along with the assessment I had to create a moodboard to portray the look we were creating, actual pictures of jungles, wildlife, waterfalls and whatever else I wanted to incorporate into my half body piece. I had to do a design sheet for the front, back, face and hands, to show what I’m going to create really. I also had to add embellishments to my look as part of the criteria. I didn’t know until now that nail art is part of my course, that is not a skill I possess. So, I had to either paint nails with actual paint or nail varnish. I managed to do it, but it was difficult.

When the assessment started we had to use fullers earth to cover the entire hair, 100% of it had to be covered to get a good grade. It looks like wet clay and is the consistency of toothpaste. Once its in the hair it dries and sets so it allows you to paint over it. Mine didn’t exactly dry and the parts that did just cracked as my model moved normally. First time I’ve ever used it and it was difficult. For next time ill know I need to put the hair in a tight single bun and less it definitely more with this product, the more you go over it you end up taking off more of the products than putting in onto the hair. But it was ok for a first attempt.

So after that I left it to dry and started doing the background colours, blue green and my sunset on the back, that’s where I needed to show off my blending skills because that was my downfall in my other paint assessments. I wanted to get the backgrounds done so it can dry to add detail, time was just going so fast as well. I could have easily done with another few hours. It didn’t quite go to plan, my colours weren’t going over other colours very well, but I improvised and I’m pretty happy with the outcome for my first attempt.

For my embellishments I added glitter to flowers all over the body and the waterfall. I also added feathers to the toucan I drew on the back, as well as gems all over the body to add a little something extra. My nails ended up going well with the outfit. To break it down, I got 90% for the body paint, 85% for the hair and 87.5% for the nails. Overall my I got 87.5% which is a Merit, would have needed to be 90% to be a distinction which is a little frustrating, but I can’t complain for a first attempt.




1960’s Era Project and Makeup.

I handed in the last of my three era projects, the 1960’s. All done and dusted.

I had to have all the same information and stuff as the last two. So, its 4 A3 pages in my book with a full covered back ground, paint, glitter, gems, fabric, pictures and lots of information. The information had to include general information, music, hair, makeup, makeup influences, Politician’s and an artist, all from the 1960’s.

I also had to create a makeup look from this era, we were shown which one we had to copy, and it was twiggy, a look from a magazine shoot she was involved in.

I got 100% which is a distinction grade, I’m really happy with this.





I managed to get a distinction on all my era projects, over the moon about this. I put in so much hard work and time into each of these and the grade shows this.

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Under The Sea, Back Paint Assessment!

Following on from my face paint assessment, the week after I had to do my back-paint assessment. For this I could choose anything I wanted, the only criteria were that there needed to be a blend of two colours, embellishments and the edges had to be straight and clean.

I really enjoyed this assessment because I had free creative rain to do whatever I wanted. I decided to do an under the sea theme because I love the ocean and all the different creatures that live there. Its just so beautiful. And I decided to make an octopus the main creature of the back piece.

I blended two different blues together which was really hard to make it work, so my feedback for this assessment was to improve my blend, my fine lines were a lot better on this assessment, so I am really happy with how It came out. For my embellishments I used actual shells and glitter.