Netflix: Update on Shows I would recommend!


The chilling adventures of Sabrina:

I wasn’t sure what this was going to be like, I grew up watching Sabrina the teenage witch and I loved it. But I honestly think this was better, it’s a more twisted version but really worth a watch. I loved it. Can’t wait for chapter 2.


The Sinner:

I think I preferred season 1 to season 2 but they were both good. You see a crime happen first and then the story unravels as to why it happened and there is always more to the story than you think. I did binge watch this one over a weekend. It does keep you on the edge of your seat.



I was really looking forward to this one because the main character was from Gossip Girl and I loved that show. It is about a young guy who basically stalks a young girl and becomes part of her life. Its creepy but so good. I also binge watched this one.

better calll saul

Better Call Saul:

I started watching this because I loved Breaking Bad, I did find it a little slow for the first 2 seasons but season 3 and 4, just WOW. It really picked up and I really enjoyed it.

lost in space

Lost in Space:

This show is literally as the title says, about a family lost in space. It’s based in the future and I really enjoyed it. After having to evacuate the main spaceship everyone became stranded on a planet they knew nothing about.



I really enjoy Riverdale and the story lines. It’s a teen drama based on a comic book. It’s got so many twists and turns which keeps you on your toes. Plus the characters are so lovable, well most of them.

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London: Day Trip!

I went on a day trip to London with college. We went to have a look around Coven Garden and see a show.

We arrived around midday and had just over 2 hours to do as we pleased before we had to meet back up to see a show. We had a little look around and took some photos. We went just before Christmas and the decorations were so pretty.


We went for food at Pasta Brown, I think they only have one restaurant in London. It was a little pricey but 100% worth it. The food was incredible. I had Penne Fiorentina (baby spinach, mozzarella, garlic and tomato sauce) and it was the best pasta I have ever had. Everyone really enjoyed there meal.


After food we went and met everyone else at the Savoy Theatre to watch Dream Girls. To be honest I wasn’t really looking forward to the show because I didn’t know what it was about, apparently there was a film with Beyoncé but I haven’t seen it. But the show was amazing. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the storyline and the songs. I would recommend seeing this show if you can it’s really worth it.


We headed straight home after the show, it was a long drive home took around 5 hours with traffic. I did have such a lovely day and can’t wait to go back to London soon.



My New Year’s Resolution!

I’m not exactly going to make New Year’s resolutions for 2019. I’m going to give myself goals and things that I would like to accomplish throughout the year.


This year I want to complete level 2 Theatrical and Media Makeup and get onto the Level 3 course. As well as pass both my English and Maths GCSE.


I currently work 2-3 days a week in my part-time job. I want to gain more confidence and start to do more freelance makeup and gain more experience. Maybe even look to get a job on a makeup counter to boost my confidence doing makeup on strangers as well as get more product knowledge.


I don’t so much want to lose weight exactly, the generic New Year’s resolution. I just want to lead a healthier lifestyle and be more physically active. Kind of take care of my body more and feel better in myself.


I love visiting new places and experiencing new cultures. So I would like to travel and go away as much as I physically can throughout 2019. Starting with New York City in February.


I want to make more of an effort to see my friends, with work and college I tend to neglect a social life. So I am going to make more effort, even if it is popping over for a cup of tea.


As well as make time for friends I want to ensure I make time for myself to relax and I want to work on stress. I get stressed out easily, usually for no reason. But want to be more relaxed.

So this year I’m not doing the generic ‘NEW YEAR, NEW ME’. I want to focus on myself and improve in all aspects of my life and enjoy myself.



2018 Accomplishments.

I thought I would end the year talking about what I have accomplished. I usually tend to focus more on what I haven’t accomplished more than what I have, so going forward I’m going to try and be more positive.

This year I decided to go from full time work to a full time student. I have always enjoyed doing makeup but I didn’t even think about trying to make a career out of it. I finally bit the bullet and applied for the course, I felt like if I didn’t do it this year I never would because I’m so used to having a full time job. My grades on the course are really good and I am proud of myself.

I’m also resitting my English and Maths GCSE this year. So far I have got a B for my English Coursework. Maths is going ok, it’s never been my thing but hopefully I can get a decent grade this year.

This year I started a new job, I worked full time for 5 months before I changed to part time for college. I’m actually really enjoying my job, its perfect for college. It’s not really stressful and once I finish work I don’t have to think about it again until I go back.

Looking back at my makeup throughout the year I can really see how much better I’ve got, not to toot my own horn but I have. I didn’t wear eye shadow, eyeliner and eyelashes now I do, not every day because I’m not that extra but if I fancy it I can.

Don’t get me wrong 2018 has been a difficult year but I am very happy with my life and what I’m accomplishing, here’s to 2019.


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Christmas Goodies.

I was very spoilt this year and wanted to share a couple of the Christmas presents I received this year from all my loved ones.

Face Masks and lots of them.IMG_6622

Nip and Fab Blusher Palette.IMG_6623.jpg

Glam Glow Face Masks.  IMG_6621.jpg

Soap & Glory moisturiser and wipes.IMG_6624.jpg

Nip and Fab Facial Scrub.IMG_6625

Alice in Wonderland Calendar.

My name’s on it, I cant explain how happy this makes me. Nothing has my name on it.

2019 Diary.9781439751350


Bath Christmas Market!

I love Bath Christmas market, theirs something about it that feels so magical and I really enjoy going. I’ve been every Christmas for the past few years and this year was my 4th time going, and I love it as much as the first time.

The Christmas decorations look so lovely, I always have mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. They are a must to get in the Christmas spirit. I love all the free samples you can get of different products before you buy them. I always stock up on chutneys, cheese and nuts every year.


I always go with my boyfriend, we drive down and park in the park and ride. Its literally a 10-minute journey on the bus to the market. We just had to pay for the bus to get to the market which comes to about £5 and the parking is free. We went down later morning/ early afternoon, so it starts to get dark before we leave. The Christmas lights are so pretty.


I love walking around all the stalls and all the amazing things you can buy. There is food, drinks, handmade gifts, Christmas presents, toys and so much more. It does get busy on the weekends, so we booked a day off work and went on a Friday, to make sure we can enjoy our time there.


We always make a day of it and go for food, this year we went for food at TGI Friday, it started to rain, and this was the first place we came across. We managed to get a table just before it started to get busy.

I bought a lot of cheese, different chutneys, fudge, nuts and basically anything food related. We had such a good time and I’m sure well be going again next year.