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Hair Assessment’s!

As part of my theatrical and media makeup course I have been doing hair as well. I don’t have to cut or colour hair, not training to be a hairdresser at all. I have been doing temporary colour, different styles and up dos, client consultations and washing hair. I have been really enjoying it and have learnt a lot. We do theory as well as practical, so we learn all about hair and what to do to keep your hair healthy. I’ve learnt the proper technique for washing and styling hair and what I’m most proud of is I learnt to French plait. These are some of the assessments I’ve completed so far.

Conditioning Treatment, Blow-dry and Straighten:

Setting Rollers:

Wash and Diffuse:

Heated Rollers:

French Plaits:

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Character Makeup Assessment

For my character makeup assessments in college I had to create a character, had to be a man because we had to apply fake beard, nose and eyebrows. We had a demonstration of what we needed to do, and it defiantly looked easier than it was to do.

I wasn’t sure what kind of look I wanted to go for. You had to do a full beard at some point to show you could do it, I didn’t want to have to do a full beard for my assessment, so I did one for a practice.

We had to prepare the hair ourselves, it came plaited. We had to wet it and blow-dry it to take it out of that shape it was given to us in. Then we had to pull it apart ready to apply. This was a long process and took me about 45 minutes to do at home. We had to mix two colours together. I chose brown, grey and a little bit of black to make it realistic because my model had dark hair so it worked well.

For my assessment I decided to do a builder. We had an hour and a half to complete the full look and take pictures. We also had to do a mood board for the assessment.

The assessment went better than I thought it would, every time I have practised I’ve taken ages to do it, but I went quite fast on the actual assessment. You apply pros aide (face glue) to the area you want and dry it with the hairdryer. The pros aide needs to be dry to become sticky.

I started with the eyebrows because that was the part I was dreading the most. Its hard to cover someones eyebrows with hair and make it neat so I thought I would get this out the way first. Then I went onto the beard, it makes it easier if you cut a bit of hair, so the edge is straight and kind of poke it into the skin, so it looks like its actual hair. And keep repeating this to the shape you want. Then I cut the eyebrows and beard hair to the shade I wanted.


Once I was happy with the beard and eyebrows I applied the fake nose. Once again, I added pros aide to the area I needed and let it dry. Once applied I used makeup to try and disguise the line of the fake nose and blend into the skin tone. This didn’t take long, I still have 15 minutes left of my assessment time, so I just perfected the entire look and got my model into his costume. I think it made it a little easier for me working on a male because they have facial hair. I got 95% in my assessment which is a distinction, really pleased with this.


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YouTube Accounts I’m Loving!

Stephanie Toms

I came across Steph’s channel towards the end of last year and I just fell in love with her personality. She is so funny and uploads ‘all the dam time’. I really do enjoy her videos. Her videos mainly consist of makeup reviews, clothing hauls and recently she has started doing vlogs, if any of this interests you I would defiantly check her out.


Doctor Mike

I really enjoy Doctors Mikes channel, I always feel like I learn something from his videos. He is an actual real life doctor so is full of knowledge. His videos are really varied, some are informative, his reaction to different medical dramas and responding to the comments. He really mixes it up when it comes to his content.

mike dr

Joel & Lia

I don’t actually know how I came across there channel but I am really glad I did. There channel is mainly about being British and the differences between Britain and other cities. It’s a very chatty channel which I like and I find their content really interesting.


Samantha Ravndahl

The first video of Samantha I watched was ‘The problem with the beauty community’ and I got hooked. I just love her personality and just how honest she comes across. Her channel is based around makeup because she is a makeup artist. I feel like I learn so much from her content, about different ways to do looks and how to do makeup on different faces. Recently she uploaded a video about what makeup she feels is a must for your kit as a working makeup artist and I love it, I found it so interesting and gave me an idea of what I will need once I’m qualified. I would really give her channel a watch if you get a chance.

maxresdefault (2)

Glam & Gore

I’ve been watching this channel for such a long time and I love the content Mykie puts out. She combines glamour makeup and SFX makeup together basically in lots of different ways. She does a lot of interestingly odd videos too, such as tinder picks my makeup, haunted Halloween series and I turned into ….. You really never know what you’re going to get and I really enjoy it.

maxresdefault (1)

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1920’s Project and Makeup.

As a part of my course I have to pick 3 different eras for my project, I picked 1920’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. Each of these projects have to be 4 A3 pages, with different textures, gems, glitter and many more. The information has to be about the era, music, makeup, fashion, influences and much more. Then this information was made into mood boards.

The first project I completed was the 1920’s which had to be handed in just before Christmas, 1950’s has to be handed in by March and 1960’s has to be completed by June.

The project was a lot more time consuming than I thought it would be and I could of kept adding more and more to the mood boards. I also had to complete a makeup look for the era I was doing so I could add pictures to my project.

This is my 1920’s Project and I got 95% which is a distinction Grade which I am really pleased with.






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Ageing For Stage

As part of the theatrical side of my makeup course I had to do basically make someone look old, ageing for stage. My first thoughts were that we might be using latex to create wrinkles, but I was very wrong. All the products I used were cream based. The demonstration was done on myself and it took around 2 hours to do my makeup, hair and they had an outfit ready for me. Demonstration was done by my tutor.

I also had to learn how to age hands for stage as well and that would be part of my assessment. We all sat around a table and did it on our own hand as our tutor shows us what to do. It was harder to do that it looks.

Close up the ageing for stage makeup does look quite cartoony but if someone was on stage it would give the impression of someone aged. The look does take quite a long time to complete, especially when you are still learning the steps or do something wrong and you need to correct it. I did have a few lessons to practice. Creating this look is a lot harder than I first thought.

For the assessment I needed to get an outfit for my partner and do their hair and spray it grey to get the overall look of ageing. I had 2 hours to complete this assessment and take my photos of the look. I got a 85% which is a Merit.


Here are some pictures of my assessment and the overall look I created.


SoSu X Keilidh Collaboration.

I have been following Keilidh on Instagram and YouTube for a while, she is an Irish makeup artist and is so bloody talented. She uses a lot of products from a makeup brand called SoSu by Suzanne Jackson. SoSu by Suzanne Jackson is an Irish makeup brand who is cruelty free and ship worldwide.


Keilidh collaborated with SoSu and brought out a collection. I was so excited when sneak peeks of the collection came out, it looked so good. The collection includes:

1 x Urban Bible 16 Shade Eyeshadow Palette                                                                                 1 x Urban Rebel 7 Piece Brush Collection                                                                                         3 x Lashes – Black Heart, Ego & Keilidh


I couldn’t resist making a cheeky order, after all you need to treat yourself from time to time. I ordered the brush collection and 1 x ego lashes. I kept telling myself I don’t need another eye shadow palette but I ended up ordering it as well but a little bit later.

I’m not big into wearing false lashes but the ones I ordered applied easily and felt really comfortable on the eye, I kept them on all day. That’s a big deal for me because I always end up taking them off half way through a day, but after a while I forgot I had them on.


The brush collection is an eye brush set with a highlighter brush. The packaging on the brushes is so cool and on the back of the box it tells you exactly what to use each brush for to give you the best result, I think that was really helpful. I feel like this is what I needed, the perfect eye brushes, they are so soft and blend like a dream. I love the sleek all black brushes.


And last but not least, the Urban Bible 16 Shade eye shadow palette. The palette has 11 matt and 5 shimmer shades. I love that half the palate is colourful and the other half is more day to day / grungy colours. I felt inspired as soon as I opened the palette and have seen other people create so many different looks with this palette.


Some of my faviourate looks Keilidh had created with her palette.

I think there has been so much personality put into this collection. When I think of keilidh I think of bold eyes, she always creates amazing eye looks and this collection is just her to a tea. I would recommend treating yourself to this collection. I will leave all the information below if you want to have a look at the collection or check out keilidh and SoSu.

If you want to take a look at the collection:

Check them out on Instagram: KeilidhMUA & SoSu


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Christmas Goodies.

I was very spoilt this year and wanted to share a couple of the Christmas presents I received this year from all my loved ones.

Face Masks and lots of them.IMG_6622

Nip and Fab Blusher Palette.IMG_6623.jpg

Glam Glow Face Masks.  IMG_6621.jpg

Soap & Glory moisturiser and wipes.IMG_6624.jpg

Nip and Fab Facial Scrub.IMG_6625

Alice in Wonderland Calendar.

My name’s on it, I cant explain how happy this makes me. Nothing has my name on it.

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