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Ageing For Stage

As part of the theatrical side of my makeup course I had to do basically make someone look old, ageing for stage. My first thoughts were that we might be using latex to create wrinkles, but I was very wrong. All the products I used were cream based. The demonstration was done on myself and it took around 2 hours to do my makeup, hair and they had an outfit ready for me. Demonstration was done by my tutor.

I also had to learn how to age hands for stage as well and that would be part of my assessment. We all sat around a table and did it on our own hand as our tutor shows us what to do. It was harder to do that it looks.

Close up the ageing for stage makeup does look quite cartoony but if someone was on stage it would give the impression of someone aged. The look does take quite a long time to complete, especially when you are still learning the steps or do something wrong and you need to correct it. I did have a few lessons to practice. Creating this look is a lot harder than I first thought.

For the assessment I needed to get an outfit for my partner and do their hair and spray it grey to get the overall look of ageing. I had 2 hours to complete this assessment and take my photos of the look. I got a 85% which is a Merit.


Here are some pictures of my assessment and the overall look I created.


SoSu X Keilidh Collaboration.

I have been following Keilidh on Instagram and YouTube for a while, she is an Irish makeup artist and is so bloody talented. She uses a lot of products from a makeup brand called SoSu by Suzanne Jackson. SoSu by Suzanne Jackson is an Irish makeup brand who is cruelty free and ship worldwide.


Keilidh collaborated with SoSu and brought out a collection. I was so excited when sneak peeks of the collection came out, it looked so good. The collection includes:

1 x Urban Bible 16 Shade Eyeshadow Palette                                                                                 1 x Urban Rebel 7 Piece Brush Collection                                                                                         3 x Lashes – Black Heart, Ego & Keilidh


I couldn’t resist making a cheeky order, after all you need to treat yourself from time to time. I ordered the brush collection and 1 x ego lashes. I kept telling myself I don’t need another eye shadow palette but I ended up ordering it as well but a little bit later.

I’m not big into wearing false lashes but the ones I ordered applied easily and felt really comfortable on the eye, I kept them on all day. That’s a big deal for me because I always end up taking them off half way through a day, but after a while I forgot I had them on.


The brush collection is an eye brush set with a highlighter brush. The packaging on the brushes is so cool and on the back of the box it tells you exactly what to use each brush for to give you the best result, I think that was really helpful. I feel like this is what I needed, the perfect eye brushes, they are so soft and blend like a dream. I love the sleek all black brushes.


And last but not least, the Urban Bible 16 Shade eye shadow palette. The palette has 11 matt and 5 shimmer shades. I love that half the palate is colourful and the other half is more day to day / grungy colours. I felt inspired as soon as I opened the palette and have seen other people create so many different looks with this palette.


Some of my faviourate looks Keilidh had created with her palette.

I think there has been so much personality put into this collection. When I think of keilidh I think of bold eyes, she always creates amazing eye looks and this collection is just her to a tea. I would recommend treating yourself to this collection. I will leave all the information below if you want to have a look at the collection or check out keilidh and SoSu.

If you want to take a look at the collection:

Check them out on Instagram: KeilidhMUA & SoSu


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Christmas Goodies.

I was very spoilt this year and wanted to share a couple of the Christmas presents I received this year from all my loved ones.

Face Masks and lots of them.IMG_6622

Nip and Fab Blusher Palette.IMG_6623.jpg

Glam Glow Face Masks.  IMG_6621.jpg

Soap & Glory moisturiser and wipes.IMG_6624.jpg

Nip and Fab Facial Scrub.IMG_6625

Alice in Wonderland Calendar.

My name’s on it, I cant explain how happy this makes me. Nothing has my name on it.

2019 Diary.9781439751350


Christmas Makeup!

This year I really wanted to do 25 looks throughout December, I had it all planned  but I just lost track of time and didn’t get around to doing 25 different looks. Hopefully next year I’ll be more successful with it the 25 looks.

So, I thought I would share the Christmas inspired makeup look I managed to do.

Look 1: Candy cane Eyeliner ft Ho earnings.IMG_5842

Look 2: Green Alien.thumbnail_image1 (1)

 Look 3: On the beautiful Grace.JWXH4873

Look 4: Eyeliner as Sharpe as a knife.IMG_6596

 Look 5: Ho Ho HoRGWT6311[1]

Look 6: Red and Glittery. thumbnail_image2



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Basic Stage Makeup Assessment!

As part of the theatrical side of my course we had to learn and be assessed on basic stage makeup and it is very different to say the least. All products used are cream and then powdered.

Stage makeup must be 2 or 3 shades darker than your natural skin tone because stage lighting washes you out. So, if you wore foundation to match your skin tone the lighting would make you look really washed out. Classic eye shadow is blue or green. There would be crème contour. Red lips and very bright pink blusher. Black liner on eyelids and under eye to create the effect of mascara and very natural brows.

For the assessment it wasn’t timed but both myself and my partner needed to complete our looks, including hair and outfit in the 4-hour lesson, so we basically had 2 hours each. I felt really relaxed about this assessment because we didn’t have to rush we could take out time with the makeup.

I created Glinda the good witch from wicked the musical for my assessment. I got 95% which is a distinction.




Alien Collection.

As soon as I watched Jeffree Star’s reveal video for his Alien Collection, I was obsessed and had to buy it as soon as I could. The colours in the palette were just so beautiful and very different to any palette that I currently have. There were also a few lip products that really jumped out at me as well.

I really wanted the Velour Liquid Lipstick in shade “You’re Still On The Property” but it sold out within minutes so couldn’t get my hands on this one.

I bought a liquid lipstick in shade ‘Karma’ and a lip Ammunition in shade ‘Area 52’.

My favourite purchase has to be the Alien Palette. The colours are stunning and are so different to any palette I have or have seen. The palette is vegan and cruelty free.

The colours in the palette are:

  • Pluto – Icy white with a peachy duo-chrome shift
  • Titan – Ivory bone matte.
  • Alien – Cool green shimmer.
  • Interstellar – White gold shimmer.
  • Abduction – Chartreuse matte.
  • UFO – Green gold shimmer.
  • Gravitea – Soft tan matte.
  • Martian Soil – A cool mustard matte.
  • Flying Saucer – A turquoise matte.
  • Phone Home – A mauve brown matte.
  • Moon Rock – A forest green metallic with a gold undertone.
  • X-Files – A khaki matte.
  • Ghost OG – A dark khaki green.
  • Area-51 – A rich royal purple matte.
  • Space Cowboy – A cool metallic brown with a pearl shift.
  • Probe – A metallic oil slick with a green shift.
  • Tall Grey – A grey with a blue undertone.
  • Black Hole – A true black matte.

I ordered my palette on 9th November, on pre-order from beauty bay. I expected to have to wait a little while for it, But I was a little frustrated that I didn’t get my palette until 07th December. You know when you are so excited for a product and you see other people using it but can’t yourself, it’s frustrating. But beauty bay did stay in touch to say they will be getting them in soon with was nice.

The palette is £46.00, Karma and Area 51 are £16.00 each.

They are still available now is you are interested: