Empties: What I’ve finished up & purchased again!

I do love to treat myself to new beauty products, it’s an illness really… I just can’t help myself. I might be addicted to shopping and trying new products. I thought I would share the skin care, hair care and makeup products I’ve finished up, what I loved and would buy again?! As well as what I liked but wouldn’t buy again and why!


Soap & Glory: Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 daily detox vitamin C Facial Wash.

I have and will continue to repurchase this face wash because its just so damn good. It makes my skin feel so fresh and clean. It slightly tingles on this skin which I like. Someone bought me this originally as a present, I didn’t think it was going to blow my mind because I didn’t see soap and glory as a skin care brand, but I was wrong, I love it. I have sensitive skin and it works so well for me.


Fresh Lotus youth preserve face cream with super 7 complex.

I bought this when I was in America at the start of the year and I have to say I loved it. It made my face feel so moisturised throughout the day. I could still feel the product on my face when I washed it at the end of the day (on a no makeup day). As much as I loved it, I wouldn’t repurchase it. This is only because it’s just to pricey for how long it lasted. Using it day and night didn’t last me long at all and because it is a high-end product it isn’t cheap. I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on a moisturiser that lasted me just under 3 weeks. If you have the money I would recommend this one.

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Day Cream SPF15.

As I was running out of the fresh moisturiser above I went around Boots and Superdrug to have a look and I came across Superdrug’s own skincare. This was new to me, so I thought I would have a gander. The ingredients looked good, cruelty free, paraben free and had spf 15, couldn’t go wrong for £5.99, so thought I would give it a go and its great. I have repurchased it twice already and will probably continue to do so. It’s really nourishing and makes my skin feel hydrated throughout the day. So, pleased with this cheeky bargain.

Micellar Cleansing Water for sensitive skin.

I have been using this for a while and I think its great. Taking my makeup off is so easy and it doesn’t feel like I’m dragging anything along my skin. It takes off the makeup I wear well, I haven’t come across any product it hasn’t been able to remove using this before. I have repurchased this so many times and I love it.



Boots curl cream: natural, control and define

I came across this little gem over the past few weeks, really randomly. I asked a shop assistant to recommend some gel to keep my crazy fly away hairs down and for some reason she recommended this, I don’t think she understood what I meant but never the less this is now my holly grail. I run this through my hair after a shower when its wet, evenly from the root to the tip of my hair to keep the curl but stop it frizzing. And it works, I was shocked considering it was only £1.99!!!!!! I have very crazy out of control hair and it has really helped stop my hair frizzing when its dry’s. I would 100% recommend this product for fellow crazy haired people. And will keep buying this bargain.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Coconut Oil 3-in-1 Frizzy Hair Mask Treatment.

I do love a good hair mask and saw this one on offer so thought I would give it a go, plus it smells amazing. I love that it’s a 3 in 1 hair mask/ treatment, you can use it as an overnight mask, leave in conditioner and normal conditioner. So much choice! I like to leave it on overnight to get the most of it. It makes my hair feels so healthy, shiny and less dry. I really like it.


Wet n Wild mega clear mascara.

I have purchased this one so many times over, its just so handy to have in your makeup bag. I don’t use it for mascara. I use it to hold my brows in place, with or without filling them in. it makes them look so much fuller and more controlled. I like it a lot. 

Makeup Revolution conceal and define: Shade C6.5.

So many people have been raving about this, so I was waiting until my Fenty Beauty concealer ran out and went and got myself this one. I’m so glad I did, it’s a great drug store concealer and to me its better than some of the higher end concealers.

Precisely, my brow pencil: Shade 4.5.

Exactly as the name states, I love how precise this pencil is. I can draw on the brow hairs and make it look so natural. Its so easy to work with and blends so nicely with my natural brow. I have had to repurchase this so many times because well I love it. Benefit is defiantly at the top of the list when it comes to brow products for me.

Fenty Beauty pro filt’r foundation: Shade 150.

I just love the way this foundation feels and looks on my face. The coverage is great, it doesn’t dry out my skin and it doesn’t make me look greasy! It seams to work really well with my skin and lasts all day long. I repurchased this when I went to America and I’m over the moon they now do Fenty beauty in Boots…. Finally, I can just pop to the shop to get it. I would defiantly recommend this foundation, it’s amazing and so many shades to choose from.

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My favourite products for a pamper night!

Everyone loves a pamper night, whether it be with your friends, your partner or just by yourself. Sometimes you need to take the time to relax and just look after yourself. Even if it is just for an hour or two, make sure you take some you time. I love a pamper night, I usually do this by myself just out of convenience when I get some time to myself.

The products I like to use are face masks, pour strips, foot masks, hair masks, moisturisers and hair oils.

Face masks I like to use are:

  • Garnier Moisture Bomb Pomegranate Hydrating Face Sheet Mask
  • Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Extreme Bubble Mask
  • Glamglow Bubble sheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask
  • L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Eucalyptus Purity Face Mask


Eye masks I like to use:

  • Garnier eye sheet mask hyaluronic acid & coconut water
  • Garnier eye sheet mask hyaluronic acid & orange juice
  • Nip + Fab dragons blood fix eye mask
  • Soap & Glory puffy eye attack undereye brightening hydrogel patches


Hair masks I like to use are:

  • Sephora collection coconut hair sleep mask
  • Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Coconut Oil 3-in-1 Frizzy Hair Mask Treatment
  • Moroccan Argan Hair Oil, Renewing Treatment


I also love a good foot mask; some good ones are:

–          Skin Republic Foot Peel Mask with Foot Socks

–          Superdrug Tea Tree and Peppermint Nourishing Foot Sock Pack

–          Coconut Moisturising Foot Pack

–          Moisturising Charcoal Foot Pack

Sometimes I like to spend a few pounds on different masks and treatments but sometimes cheap and cheerful does the job too. So, all the products above are really varied in price from £1-£20

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Candy Queen: Fantasy Assessment!

For my final college assessment, I had to create a fantasy look. It could be anything I wanted for the assessment. Some people in my class did mermaids, unicorns and fairy’s but I wanted to do something a little different. Something I haven’t seen anyone do before. So I decided to do something to do with candy. I took inspiration from lots of different magazine shoots and pictures on google.


I bought a green and white fancy dress outfit online, bought purple tights and lots of sweets. I stuck over 80 packets of sweets to the dress and it took me hours to make it into a candy queen dress. I was so pleased with how it turned out. All the hard work and it looked brilliant. I also got decorative spiderwebs from Halloween and sprayed them pink to put in the hair to make it look like cotton candy.

We had as long as we wanted for the assessment, there wasn’t a time limit. It took me 3 hours to complete the full look, including hair, makeup, nails and outfit. I am so pleased with the overall look I created. My teacher said if she could give me more the 100% she would because she was so overwhelmed with how well I did. Obviously, I was over the moon with the comment. Couldn’t have been a better outcome for my last assessment for my level 2 course.


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Dermaplaning & My Thoughts!

I have been contemplating dermaplaning for a few months now, weighing up the pros and cons. I like the idea of getting rid of all the peach fuzz on my face because basically I have a lot of it. But I did have concerns it was going to grow back, and I would end up with a beard, that being the worst-case scenario. That was my biggest worry, my peach fuzz would come back darker, knowing my luck.

I contacted a few places to get some prices and did a little research to see the side effects, even the rare ones. The only real side effects I came across were slight redness after or a few spots a day or two after. Everyone I spoke to and research I did made it clear that the type of hair on the face doesn’t come back darker, it would literally grow back the same. The prices I was getting were from £20-£65 for it done once.

I did find someone in Swansea I wanted to go to have it done because I saw online they do it really often and the results were really good. I contacted the person via their professional Instagram and was advised to contact her private one, which I did. They replied and advised they didn’t have any availability for a month, so I asked when the next available date was. I didn’t get a reply for 2 weeks, so I messaged again and still took another 3 weeks to get a reply. That’s so frustrating considering your trying to support a smaller business. So, I messaged again saying don’t bother. I wasn’t nasty about it, but it did put me off having it done.

After around a month I decided to call around a few places and called a place local to me. They had a cancelation that day and it was half price from £60 to £30. I couldn’t really pass it up. So, I went for it.

The process didn’t hurt at all, my face went a little red during and after but that’s just my skin. It only took 15/20 minutes. The amount of hair that came off my face is crazy and so satisfying but I don’t think I would pay £60 for something that took 20 mins. I didn’t get a facial or anything after just some moisturiser. I don’t think ill be doing it again anytime soon, not really worth it. Its been 5 weeks since, I wanted to see how my facial hair grew back before I posted about it.


My facial hair is exactly the same, no darker, maybe a little bit less hairy if I remember correctly. When they were doing the dermaplaning, they didn’t do my top lip because apparently the hair is different and grows back worse so I’m glad of that. I guess it is if you were willing to spend between £30-60 odd every other month. But for me wasn’t worth it.


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Hair Assessments throughout college!

I really wasn’t looking forward to this aspect of my course. I’ve never wanted to be a hair dresser, hair has never been my strong suit. To my surprise it was one of my favourite aspects of the course. Throughout the year we had to complete so many different assessments, from Shampooing and conditioning, client consultation, the art of dressing hair, Plating and twisting, up dos and theory alongside our practical lessons. I am pretty proud of how far I have come, before this course I was hopeless with hair. Now I can actually French plait, it’s not amazing but I can actually do it.

I thought I would share all my hair assessments I have done this year because well Im pretty dam proud of them.

Conditioning Treatment, Blow-dry and Straighten:

Dutch plait:


Fishtail plait:


French Plait:

Hair up with a rope plait:

Rope Plait into a Bow:

Wash, Blow-dry and Setting Rollers:

Wash and blow-dry using a diffuser:

Wash, blow-dry and heated rollers:

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Bridal Makeup Assessment!

As part of my college course I had to create a classic bridal look. I found this to be one of the hardest assessments because things had to be perfect and we didn’t have a lot of time to practice it. For the assessment I only had 45 minutes to complete the full makeup look with lashes. After we finished the assessment we could spend as much time as we needed doing our models hair and finish off the full look with a wedding dress to complete the look. I was really happy with my outcome. I got 95% which was a distinction.


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Half Body Paint!

As part of my college course I had to get a model and complete a half body paint. As a class we all put a theme in a hat and one was picked out, we ended up with Jungle. I really wanted under the sea because I love water and the sea basically, so I did that for my back piece instead. I knew I wanted to incorporate water in some way. We didn’t have an opportunity to practice doing this on an actual body, the only practice I had was on a face, back and on my own arm and leg at home. We had 4 hours to complete this assessment and I thought that would drag but I actually could have done with some more time to perfect it.

Along with the assessment I had to create a moodboard to portray the look we were creating, actual pictures of jungles, wildlife, waterfalls and whatever else I wanted to incorporate into my half body piece. I had to do a design sheet for the front, back, face and hands, to show what I’m going to create really. I also had to add embellishments to my look as part of the criteria. I didn’t know until now that nail art is part of my course, that is not a skill I possess. So, I had to either paint nails with actual paint or nail varnish. I managed to do it, but it was difficult.

When the assessment started we had to use fullers earth to cover the entire hair, 100% of it had to be covered to get a good grade. It looks like wet clay and is the consistency of toothpaste. Once its in the hair it dries and sets so it allows you to paint over it. Mine didn’t exactly dry and the parts that did just cracked as my model moved normally. First time I’ve ever used it and it was difficult. For next time ill know I need to put the hair in a tight single bun and less it definitely more with this product, the more you go over it you end up taking off more of the products than putting in onto the hair. But it was ok for a first attempt.

So after that I left it to dry and started doing the background colours, blue green and my sunset on the back, that’s where I needed to show off my blending skills because that was my downfall in my other paint assessments. I wanted to get the backgrounds done so it can dry to add detail, time was just going so fast as well. I could have easily done with another few hours. It didn’t quite go to plan, my colours weren’t going over other colours very well, but I improvised and I’m pretty happy with the outcome for my first attempt.

For my embellishments I added glitter to flowers all over the body and the waterfall. I also added feathers to the toucan I drew on the back, as well as gems all over the body to add a little something extra. My nails ended up going well with the outfit. To break it down, I got 90% for the body paint, 85% for the hair and 87.5% for the nails. Overall my I got 87.5% which is a Merit, would have needed to be 90% to be a distinction which is a little frustrating, but I can’t complain for a first attempt.