Undercut.. Again!

I wanted an undercut for such a long time but couldn’t build up the courage to have one. When I was 21 I finally did it and I loved it. I had so many quirky patterns too.


I decided to grow it out because I couldn’t be bothered to keep waiting in barbers to have it cut, they don’t do appointments like normal hairdressers, you have to go in and just wait, I’m not the most patient person.


My undercut was almost grown out and I decide to get it cut in again, I really missed it. So, I went through the process of it growing out and now I have it again. But I do love it! Can’t wait to get a quirky pattern again.

I have really thick hair and having an undercut makes it so much easier to manage, I’m really happy with it.



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Halloween Makeup!

This must be my favourite time of year, Halloween! You can have so much fun and create so many different looks and characters. So, I thought I would share 5 looks I’ve created throughout October and who gave me the inspiration.

  1. I saw this look all over Instagram last and this year and thought I would give it a go. Hi Pumpkin, inspired by @sophiehannah.


  1. I captioned this the dripping rainbow. I got the inspiration for this look from @jodiehulme.


  1. I created this look on a friend in college. This was my first attempt at a clown look, there is defiantly room for improvement, but I am happy with it.


  1. In one of my classes we had to create a character, so I decided to put a Halloween spin on it and create the Elphaba the witch from Wicked.
  1. I created the ‘evil Artist’ on my friend and got the inspiration for this from @makeupbyphilippag.
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Hair Cut!

It’s been about 2 years since I had a haircut, I was attempting to grow it and didn’t get around to it having it trimmed. Once I started college I could have my hair cut for free because of the course I was doing, so I thought why not. I booked in for a cut and blow-dry.

I was a little nervous because it was booked in with level 2 hairdressing students and it being September they hadn’t had that long to practice. But they have a tutor watching them so what’s the worst that could happen.

The girl who cut my hair was lovely, really happy and chatty throughout. She hadn’t cut layers into someone’s hair before, so she was shown by the tutor how to and then she finished it off. After cutting each section the tutor would come over and check everything was fine with the cut, which it always was.

Once my hair was all done, there was two slightly longer bits of hair, but a quick snip and they sorted it out before I left. I was there for 3 hours but that’s ok because everyone takes a little longer when they are learning. Plus, I would rather it all done correctly. I will defiantly be having my hair cut at college again and by the same person, she was fab.


Student Life!

At the age of 24 I decided to go back to college. I guess it took me a little longer to find my passion. I went to college when I was 16 to do health and social care which suited the job I had in care, but it wasn’t something I really enjoyed. So, I worked full time in a few different jobs before I decided to go back to college.

I’m studying theatrical and media makeup level 2 which also includes hair too. So far so good, I am really enjoying it. Some classes more than others but that’s with anything. There is a lot of different non-makeup related units to my course but that’s with any course, you have to do other bits are bobs to get the qualification.

I have one day that is basically a hair day, we have a practical lesson and a theory lesson. So far, we have learnt the correct way to shampoo and condition someone’s hair and now to do a deep conditioning treatment, we take turns each week in class to do each others hair. I’m enjoying this a lot more than I thought.

I have a tutorial lesson and a 4-hour long makeup lesson on the one day. What we do in this lesson depends on the topic we are doing. So far, we have done stage makeup for male and female and character makeup. It’s not the nicest of makeup looks but it’s good to know about it and how it should be done. Character makeup is a lot of fun and can create basically anything you want. I created the witch from Wicked.

On my last college day of the week I have a weaving lesson in the morning, were making a hair piece. This is a lot harder and more time consuming than I thought it was going to be. We have another 4-hour makeup lesson with a different teacher. So far, we have covered day makeup, Halloween makeup and evening makeup. I have really enjoyed doing different Halloween looks and we will be doing more throughout this month. I love being left to be creative and choose the look that I want to create, it’s so much fun.

It has been difficult going from full time work to being full time student again but I’m doing alright so far. I am enjoying the different trips we have been on and are planning to go on. I am the oldest person in my class which is strange because I don’t feel old at all. So far it’s all going well, fingers crossed the rest of the year goes as smoothly.

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Last week I went to M.A.C for a makeup demo with college. Plus, we got 35% off for that day and applied for a student card to get discount going forward. I wasn’t planning to buy anything but that didn’t last long.


The makeup demo was really good. She asked us before we started if there was a look we wanted her to create or any areas that we want her to focus on, so we could gain as much knowledge from the demo as we could. The general look was high fashion and we got to pick different parts of the look and colours we wanted.


The makeup artist doing the demo was so nice and we all learnt some really good tips for applying makeup to other people. We could ask all the questions we wanted to and what are the most versatile thing to have in our makeup kits. She did the one eye of the look and myself and two other people got to finish the other eye.

I wasn’t planning to buy anything, I was going to be good, but I couldn’t help myself. I bought two Kajal Crayons in white and black, they can be used for eyeshadow or liner, it is a fast-drying product so needs to be used carefully but they are so pigmented I couldn’t resist.


They were nice enough to give us samples of lots of different things to try, a foundation, primers and glitters. It was a really fun day out and I really feel like I’ve learnt some great tips to use going forward.


Working In A Call Centre.

Every job I have ever had has been customer service in some way, whether its face to face or over the phone. By far working in a call centre for me was the worst, so I thought I would share 5 of the worst things about working in a call centre.  Followed by 5 things I enjoyed about the job.

  1. Every minute counts

From the moment you start your shift you are logged into a computer, everything you do throughout the day is logged, from going to the bathroom and lunch. If you come back from lunch a minute late, you’ll know about it. If you have too much break time throughout the day it can then affect your targets.

  1. Targets

You have targets that you have to meet, and if you don’t meet them you have one to ones to find out how you can improve. Such targets as to the amount of time you are in available waiting for a call or the amount of plans you set up throughout the day and many more. Also, not meeting your targets can also lead to you not passing probation, I managed to pass mine.

  1. Customer’s

Don’t get me wrong it’s not everyone but some customers are so rude. I don’t think they understand there is another human being on the other end of the phone and they seem to think you work for them when in fact you are there to help. One rule was that you were never allowed to hang up on a customer no matter what, even if they were calling you everything under the sun you would have to try to resolve the issue or escalate the call to a manager.

Having to say sorry to customers who are ridiculous rude, even though you’re not sorry not even a little bit, you have to apologise for any inconvenience and basically suck it up. But I would always have a day where it was bad call after bad call and it puts you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Some customers would be so petty that they wouldn’t want to speak to certain people if they had a certain accent which is ridiculous, but you would just have to transfer them to someone else.

  1. Talking

My job was to talk to people all day long, to the point that I would get sick of my own voice by the end of the day. I would say the same thing over and over again throughout the day that I couldn’t remember if it was the customer on the phone or the previous customer I have asked questions too. The worst was when you get a cold and lose your voice, because you can’t physically do you job if you can’t talk to people, so you either have to suck it up or go home sick.

  1. Other department

Customers think you can do everything, even if you’re not trained or have access, they are never happy about being transferred and sometimes other departments just don’t want to take the call. Even if you physically can’t do what the customer wants because that department is trained to do it, they try and fob you off because they don’t want to help you. It’s so frustrating and you would either have to hang up and call the department again or ask for a manager.

call centre

Onto more of a positive note, its wasn’t all bad. So, I thought I would follow this with 5 things I loved about working in a call centre.

  1. Socialising

Within the department of about 80 people, everyone worked in teams of around 10 people. These are the people who started when you did, went through training together and worked the same shifts. The people I worked with were brilliant, there was so much banter and had a lot of fun. Everyone is doing the same job, annoyed about the same things and trying to meet the same targets. So, they understand how stressful things can be, no one understands how difficult a job is like the people you work with. Plus, I got to meet so many people from different places I wouldn’t have met before.

  1. Customers

There was a lot of nasty customers but there was also a lot of nice ones. It was really rewarding to help someone when they are so grateful for everything you are doing and all the support you can offer them. You would get that od customer who asks for a manager to sing your praises and that’s so nice because it does go a long way for you.

  1. My Manager

I think I was quite lucky, my manager was brilliant. You know they always had your back with anything and you could trust them. I always had a funny relationship with my manager and we would just take the mick out of each other all day. Whereas you would see how unsupportive and strict other managers were. I had the same manager for almost the entire time I worked there and I’m glad. My team was the highest preforming in my department and I think my manager was a big part of it. He made as much of the job fun as he could, as well as pushing us to do the job to the best of our abilities.

  1. The Department

On my department there was so much going on all the time, there would be activities for people who have hit or exceeded their targets. Different games, darts, card games or hang man. There would be different days to dress up and buffets for different occasions. There was always food, someone’s birthday or an occasion of some kind, Cakes, Chocolate and Crisps. Despite being there for work, they did try and make it as fun and positive as they could.

  1. Money & Progress

The job was well paid which makes you want to stay there more, it’s the best paid job I’ve had in customer service. This was one of the good points of the job but sometimes money isn’t everything and I would rather have a lower paid job and be less stressed. There was a lot of opportunity to progress within the company and apply to different departments to increase your skills.

That was the 5 worst and best aspects of working in a call centre in my opinion.