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Half Body Paint!

As part of my college course I had to get a model and complete a half body paint. As a class we all put a theme in a hat and one was picked out, we ended up with Jungle. I really wanted under the sea because I love water and the sea basically, so I did that for my back piece instead. I knew I wanted to incorporate water in some way. We didn’t have an opportunity to practice doing this on an actual body, the only practice I had was on a face, back and on my own arm and leg at home. We had 4 hours to complete this assessment and I thought that would drag but I actually could have done with some more time to perfect it.

Along with the assessment I had to create a moodboard to portray the look we were creating, actual pictures of jungles, wildlife, waterfalls and whatever else I wanted to incorporate into my half body piece. I had to do a design sheet for the front, back, face and hands, to show what I’m going to create really. I also had to add embellishments to my look as part of the criteria. I didn’t know until now that nail art is part of my course, that is not a skill I possess. So, I had to either paint nails with actual paint or nail varnish. I managed to do it, but it was difficult.

When the assessment started we had to use fullers earth to cover the entire hair, 100% of it had to be covered to get a good grade. It looks like wet clay and is the consistency of toothpaste. Once its in the hair it dries and sets so it allows you to paint over it. Mine didn’t exactly dry and the parts that did just cracked as my model moved normally. First time I’ve ever used it and it was difficult. For next time ill know I need to put the hair in a tight single bun and less it definitely more with this product, the more you go over it you end up taking off more of the products than putting in onto the hair. But it was ok for a first attempt.

So after that I left it to dry and started doing the background colours, blue green and my sunset on the back, that’s where I needed to show off my blending skills because that was my downfall in my other paint assessments. I wanted to get the backgrounds done so it can dry to add detail, time was just going so fast as well. I could have easily done with another few hours. It didn’t quite go to plan, my colours weren’t going over other colours very well, but I improvised and I’m pretty happy with the outcome for my first attempt.

For my embellishments I added glitter to flowers all over the body and the waterfall. I also added feathers to the toucan I drew on the back, as well as gems all over the body to add a little something extra. My nails ended up going well with the outfit. To break it down, I got 90% for the body paint, 85% for the hair and 87.5% for the nails. Overall my I got 87.5% which is a Merit, would have needed to be 90% to be a distinction which is a little frustrating, but I can’t complain for a first attempt.




1960’s Era Project and Makeup.

I handed in the last of my three era projects, the 1960’s. All done and dusted.

I had to have all the same information and stuff as the last two. So, its 4 A3 pages in my book with a full covered back ground, paint, glitter, gems, fabric, pictures and lots of information. The information had to include general information, music, hair, makeup, makeup influences, Politician’s and an artist, all from the 1960’s.

I also had to create a makeup look from this era, we were shown which one we had to copy, and it was twiggy, a look from a magazine shoot she was involved in.

I got 100% which is a distinction grade, I’m really happy with this.





I managed to get a distinction on all my era projects, over the moon about this. I put in so much hard work and time into each of these and the grade shows this.

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Under The Sea, Back Paint Assessment!

Following on from my face paint assessment, the week after I had to do my back-paint assessment. For this I could choose anything I wanted, the only criteria were that there needed to be a blend of two colours, embellishments and the edges had to be straight and clean.

I really enjoyed this assessment because I had free creative rain to do whatever I wanted. I decided to do an under the sea theme because I love the ocean and all the different creatures that live there. Its just so beautiful. And I decided to make an octopus the main creature of the back piece.

I blended two different blues together which was really hard to make it work, so my feedback for this assessment was to improve my blend, my fine lines were a lot better on this assessment, so I am really happy with how It came out. For my embellishments I used actual shells and glitter.


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1970’s Makeup!

Over the last few months in college we have been covering different eras. We have covered the 18th century, 1920’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and 1970’s Punk. We got to practice all these different eras and then we could choose which one we wanted to do for our assessment.

Along side this we were doing era projects, for this project I did 1920’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. Therefore, I couldn’t do any of these for my assessment, which was a little bit annoying because I really enjoyed doing all of these eras. So, this left me with a choice of 18th century, 1970’s or 1970’s punk.

For our assessment we had 45 minutes to complete the look, and then do the hair to match the era and provide an outfit to give an overall look.

I didn’t enjoy doing the 18th Century makeup look, and I knew doing the hair would be really difficult for the assessment. 1970’s punk was a really difficult look to create and didn’t suit the model I had at all, so I ended up choosing the 1970’s general look.

The look for the 1970’s was based on Farrah Fawcett. This was a natural makeup look, glowing skin, more glamorous eyes but wearing sportswear. I did enjoy this assessment and I was really pleased with how my overall look turned out. I got 100% which is a distinction.




Day at the Farm!

The day after my birthday my boyfriend took me out for the day as a surprise. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going no matter how many times I pestered him and asked. I only found out when we literally arrived. He took me for a day out at a farm, Noah’s Ark Zoo.

I had the best day, he knows me so well and knows what makes me happy. I got to feed a baby lamb, hold a rabbit and guinea and see so many incredible animals. Being the animal lover than I am, its safe to say this is the perfect day out for me. The inner child of mine also enjoyed playing in the park and on a trampoline, who doesn’t love trampolines. Safe to say I really enjoyed myself.







25 things I want to accomplish before I’m 26!

  1. Complete my Theatrical and Media Makeup Level 2 Course
  2. Complete my Theatrical and Media Makeup Level 3 Course
  3. Become a freelance makeup artist
  4. Be involved in the makeup on a film in some way
  5. Get into the process of buying a house and start looking at property’s
  6. Create a brand name for myself
  7. Build my confidence applying makeup to clients
  8. Get myself physically fit
  9. Make time and look after my mental health
  10. Spend more time focusing on myself and sometimes be more selfish
  11. Get on top of my finances
  12. Start saving every month
  13. Spend more time with my friends and loved ones
  14. Start a fitness class of some kind that I enjoy and look forward to
  15. Complete my Maths GCSE resit
  16. Complete my English GCSE resit
  17. Learn how to do French plaits
  18. Continue doing my blog regularly
  19. Practice makeup more often
  20. Be more positive and focus on the good things in life
  21. Get a tattoo
  22. Learn how to use my camera and start using it more
  23. Drink 2 litres of water daily
  24. Learn how to edit photos and use Photoshop
  25. Try and be more involved in different brands



What I got up to for my birthday!

I honestly can’t believe I’m 25 years old, a quarter of a decade. I couldn’t tell you where the last 7 years have gone, I still feel like an 18-year-old. When I was younger I thought I would be an adult by now, but I don’t feel any more mature, I’ve just had to take on more responsibilities and not do stupid things anymore. Why was everyone right! Time goes so fast once you leave school and they are the best days, no responsibilities, no worries and the most important thing was socialising.


Still keeping with my inner child, I like to do something fun for my birthday, I feel like 25 is a big-ish birthday so I booked a few days off work, so I could just enjoy myself. Every year I go with a few of my friends somewhere for the day or evening, last year we went to Alton Towers and the year before a Safari Park. With everyone being so busy I decided to do something on the Saturday evening before my birthday. We went to bingo because well I love bingo and for food after. We went to Chiquito’s, literally one of my fav places to eat out.

We met at bingo just after 5pm, because we were all new members we only had to pay £5 for the entire afternoon and evening. So, we ended up playing so many games and didn’t leave until just after 9pm. It wasn’t our lucky night, none of us won any money but had a really good time.

Food was alright, I was a bit gutted because they don’t do halloumi burgers anymore and that was my favourite meal. So I had veggie fajitas but they were lovely. We had a good laugh and a few drinks to finish off the evening.


On my actual birthday, May 2nd I wanted to have more of a relaxed day with my boyfriend and my family. So we went bowling in the afternoon and out for food. We decided to go to the harvester because well we all really like it. I had such a nice relaxing day spent with my loved ones and lots of foodies. Plus, I kicked everyone’s asses at bowling, well the first game. On our way out of bowling we walked through the arcade and I had a go on one of the claw machines, only spent £1 and won a dumbo teddy. Happy birthday girl indeed.