Did I achieve what I wanted for 2019?

I didn’t exactly make resolutions for 2019,it was more what I wanted to achieve in different aspects of my life throughout the year.


I completed level 2 Theatrical and Media Makeup and moved onto the Level 3 theatrical and media makeup. I am over the moon that I managed to get a C in my English GCSE. I didn’t manage to get a C in my maths GCSE because I focused fully on English to ensure I got at least one of them but better one than none.


I’m sill working 2-3 days a week in my job and haven’t had a chance to get a job in makeup yet, but I have been more freelance with makeup that I was previous, not a lot but I’m getting more confident as time is going on.


I started slimming world in July and have lost a stone and a half which I’m really pleased about, I still have more weight to lose to get to feel more comfortable in myself. I feel like doing it slowly makes it so much easier to keep off because I’ve changed my lifestyle, so this is still a working progress.


I do see my friends more than before, but everyone is always so busy and we never have the same days off but keeping in contact regularly is what I want.


I still think I’m quite a stress head but I’m taking time to focus on me and actually relax. I really wanted to focus on taking out time for myself in 2019 and I think I’m getting better at the balance.

I’m really pleased that I managed to achieve a lot of what I wanted in 2019. Here’s to achieving more in 2020.


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