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Prosthetic Event!

This is basically an event in Coventry all about Prosthetic s, different brands sell products, there are talks from people who have been in the industry for years, hints and tips, live demonstrations and competitions. I went to this event last year with college and I went again this year.

To be honest I didn’t really enjoy it last year, I had only been on my course for 3 months and didn’t know anything about prosthetic s, I feel like I didn’t understand it all to enjoy it.

The venue has changed and was a lot bigger this year, with a lot more going on and I did really enjoy it. I had a lot more insight into prosthetics and products which allowed to appreciate the demonstrations and competitions, as well as all the hard work that went into the looks the artists created. There were a lot more stalls this year with lots of different prosthetics, wigs, different contract lenses, glitter, general beauty makeup, kit bags and so much more.

The next project in college we have to apply a bald cap and prosthetics, so I found so many different products and ideas to enhance my character for my assessment from going to this event.

They also had lots of props from different TV shows and films that have been used, this was so interesting to see what people have made and how realistic they are.

There were so many different talks throughout the day, and they were so interesting. I went to a talk by a youtuber called ‘Pink Stylist’ AKA Charlie Short. He is a SFX makeup artist and creates all kinds of amazing crazy looks. It was really interesting to get an insight into his job, career and all the time that goes into creating the incredible looks on his YouTube channel, as well as the pressure and the need to be constantly consistent to stay engaged with your audience.


Another talk I enjoyed was the ‘Glue like a girl Panel’, it was a panel of woman in the makeup industry and answering questions from the audience and giving tips and hints for the makeup industry. I loved this talk and felt like I learnt so much, different ways to get into the industry, different types of jobs you can get into and some work placements that are available. Really glad I had the chance to watch this panel.

I did treat myself to a few little bits while I was at the event. I got myself some glitter, a stipple sponge, scratch blood and I got a little freebie of a foam which is a barrier for the skin before adding prosthetics or makeup.


At the end of the event there was a competition for body paint and prosthetics, all the artists spent the day creating these looks and you could watch them throughout the process. The looks they created were amazing. So many talented makeup artists and it really showed in their finished pieces. It was a fantastic competition to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

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