Halloween Work Placement!

Over Halloween we were offered a work placement to go to a farm not far from my house to do the makeup for their Halloween fear fest event. We were told its going to be a pirate of the Caribbean theme, with some people half dead and skulls. They also wanted prosthetic of shells to look like the pirates have been under the sea for a long time.

We pre-made a lot of the prosthetic beforehand but I find them harder to reattach, I would rather just make the prosthetic on the day, I think they just look and blend a lot better, Just my personal preference. We spend about 4 hours a day over 3 days preparing everything for the work placement and ensuring we had all the right forms and all our kit was packed ready to go.

They were kind enough to give us free entry to the event after the makeup, as well as a free ticket for our friend or family. They also gave us a free drink and food voucher to have while we were there.

So, we had to be there on Halloween at 12pm to start doing the makeup, they sent through an itinerary to us before hand to show what makeup to do and according to this we had constant people coming in from 12pm-6pm with a half hour break at 3:30pm.


When we got there, we set up in a room and waited. No one came to have their makeup done for a while, so we contacted the person we were corresponding with and they send some people down just after 1pm. The schedule they made didn’t work, no one came when they were supposed to and didn’t know what character they were supposed to be. It seemed really disorganised.

We were finished by 4:30, so had an hour and a half to kill before the event began so we just sat around really. We didn’t get our break when we were supposed to because of the disorganisation. Over the 6 hours we were there we only did makeup for about 2 of them, I really didn’t feel like it was a great experience. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the looks I did but seamed like such a waste of a day, we could have come later and done the exact same amount of makeup. But it’s the experience I didn’t have before. Here are a few pictures of the looks I created:


Some of us had to stay until the event finished to remove the prosthetic, lucky I didn’t have to. But what I found out when I returned to college was that people had removed their makeup and redone it. They went to see the pirate event, which I didn’t go to see, and they noticed people had full face skulls and makeup that we didn’t do. Its so disheartening to have done work and then it be removed. I’m not to sure what happened with that after it was passed onto our college tutor and she was furious, so I think that was passed back to the farm to see what was going on.


To focus more on the positive side, you live and learn and unfortunately this does happen and not all work placements are going to be good. It’s a shame but I’m still glad I did it. Here’s to the next ones being more of a success.

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