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Late Halloween Assessment!

As part of my college course they incorporated our face paint assessments into a Halloween theme because Halloween was approaching. Annoying because of a training day we didn’t end up doing this assessment until November, so was a later Halloween face paint assessment.

I completely changed my idea once I knew it was going to be after Halloween because I wanted to upload it to my makeup page but didn’t feel right putting up Halloween content in November. I was going to do it based around Friday 13th, with  half the face a mask using face paint and the other beauty but I completely changed my mind and decided to create an ice queen.

The weather is really cold at the moment and thought it would be quite fitting, an ice queen with cold winter weather. I wanted a crown for this assessment but couldn’t find any online that were what I wanted and not crazy priced, so I made one. I also used my hot glue gun to make icicles to stick on the neck (they were a lot harder to make than I first thought).

I also had to have an outfit to go with my makeup look. So, I used some leftover pieces of material from curtains, in like a grey colour and some tinsel, I was quite surprised how well the overall look came out. Along with every assessment we have to complete a mood board, with practice pictures, inspiration, annotations and different textures and materials.


I was really pleased with my assessment and how the look came out. I got a Distinction!!!!!!


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