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I made my first prosthetic!!

As part of my college course, theatrical and media makeup, I was taught how to make prosthetic pieces for TV and film.  I did have someone who wanted me to turn them into a half dragon for a party, but they cancelled, but I still made the prosthetic because it’s a skill I always wanted.

I started with a model, it made it easier for me to start to create it on an actual person. The piece I was making is going to go around the eye and will be covering the eyebrow, so I started by blocking out the eyebrow to ensure the hairs would be safe. Once I blocked out the eyebrow I began to apply latex around the eye and to create the shape, I applied around 5 layers of latex and tissue to thicken it, letting it dry and powdering between.


While this was drying on my model, I began to mould the shape of the scales using wax. I made different size ones. Then I began to apply them to the face. I used liquid latex and tissue to harden the scales onto the piece to keep it together. I added around 10 to the face and then removed the piece from my model to allow it to dry.


I pinned my prosthetic to a foam head to continue making it. I added the rest of the scales and hardened them with liquid latex and tissue paper, which also created more of a bumpy affect, dragon scales aren’t completely smooth.


Once I was happy with how it all looked, and it was dry I began to start colouring the piece. I used paints, cream makeup, glitter and some eye shadow to create different depths and make it stand out. This took my about 8 hours to make over 3 weeks, because I was doing it in college and needed to allow it to dry between different products.

I did really enjoy making it, I wouldn’t really have had a clue how to start making it before I was shown, and I now know different ways and products I could use to make it better but I am really pleased with how it turned out. I made my first prosthetic!!!!



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