Casualty Work Placement!

Throughout college there is different work placement opportunities that we get asked to do throughout the year. The first one that came about was a casualty scene for St Johns Ambulance. They sent us the different type of wounds and injuries that they want for different models.

We planned it all. I went with 3 other students on my course and we each were responsible for different injuries, I believe we had about 5 each, we shared them out to what our skills were and what we felt more comfortable. We thought we would be going in and doing the makeup on the models we were aware of and it would just be us getting on with it. We made lots of prosthetic before we went to make things a bit quicker on the day. But it was very different than we thought it was going to be.

When we arrived, we realised it wasn’t just us doing the makeup but some other people who worked for St Johns ambulance. We arrived for 12:30 but didn’t start doing any makeup until around 1:30, so all the models had to be made up in 40 minutes. We didn’t get to pick who and what we did, the model would come in with a card and their injury and once you had done one, the next model would come in. So, our plan kind of went out the window, sometimes you can be as organised as your like, but it doesn’t always go to plan.


We thought it was different injuries for different people to be assessed but it was one big casualty incident and different injuries relating to the incident. It was really fun but not what any of us was expecting. We all did really well in such a fast paced environment. First work placement of the academic year all done and dusted.


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