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Places to eat in Amsterdam!

I always make sure I do a lot of research into places to eat before I go on any holiday because I am fussy with food. I don’t eat fish, meat or eggs so I want to make sure we have plenty of places that accommodate my fussy self. I found so many places online that catered to me and the meat eaters I went with, so everyone was happy. Ill also add in a few places for deserts and drinks. These are all places I would recommend and are great for vegetarians. Prepare to be hungry and lots of pictures, FOOD PORN.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

As you can probably tell from the title it’s a vegan restaurant. I’m vegetarian not vegan but DAM the meal was amazing. Even my friends who eat meat really enjoyed it. Defiantly worth a visit, crazy colour and delicious food. It was very busy, we went around 2pm and had to queue for an hour to get a table but it was worth the wait.




The Happy Pig Pancake Shop

We went here for breakfast and it was so yummie. You can choose from sweet or savoury. It was about a 20-minute wait to order food and about 30 minutes for the food to be made. So wasn’t to bad. I had white chocolate, hazelnut and cream.  My boyfriend had bacon and gouda cheese. Well worth the wait and money, so scrumptious.


Pluk Amsterdam

We went here for breakfast and it was a beautiful little restaurant. so much choice and not to busy, we got a seat straight away and if you sit down stairs you can see into the kitchen and watch them prepare the food. The food came really fast and was so good. I had avocado on toast and my boyfriend had egg Norwegian.


Fat Phill’s

I didn’t eat here myself, but my boyfriend and friends did. They said it was amazing, they didn’t do a vegetarian option, so I just had to sit and watch them eat but I did steal a few chips and they were tasty.


New York Pizza

On the first night we got to Amsterdam we just wanted something on the go instead of a proper sit-down meal. The pizza was so tasty we ended up coming back here again before we left Amsterdam. Had to be in my top 5 pizza places I have ever been before. Definitely try and pop in if you get a chance. You can get just a slice or an entire pizza.


manneken pis verse vlaamse friet

The name is quite a mouthful, but you need to go here. it is basically what I would call a chip shop. We went around 7pm and there was a huge queue, but it does go down really fast. I think we queued for around 30/40 minutes. I had chips with cheese and onions. Was so so good. They have so many different sauces and toppings. Perfect snack if you don’t want a proper meal.


The butcher

I was really surprised but I really enjoyed this place. I wasn’t sure it was going to be great for me because it’s a burger place, but they did a stunning vegetarian burger. Think this might have to be the best veggie burger I have had in a long time. Really tasty and full of flavour. Plus, the meat eaters I went with really enjoyed it too. So, everyone was happy.


Downtown Cafe 

I went to this cafe the first time i went to Amsterdam and it was so nice, couldn’t resist going back. They do all different types of food. I had honey, goats cheese and walnut warm sandwich with chips and it was divine. My boyfriend had a chicken sandwich with egg and shared some of my chips. It doesn’t seam like a lot but was really filling.



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