First Year of my Makeup Course Complete.

Safe to say it was a stressful year, but It was all worth it. Looking back at it now it feels like the time has flown by but didn’t feel like it at the actual time. I think I loved and hated the course at the same time for so many reasons.

I loved the fact the course was about makeup, I got to create so many different looks that I wouldn’t have even known how to create before hand and got a lot more insight into theatrical makeup. I didn’t like the fact I had to do maths and English along side the course and silly booklets about making a CV and things like that, they were just pointless and didn’t help me in the slightest. But I guess they may have benefited the younger people in my class.

I don’t feel like I learnt a lot of skills I thought I was going to learn. Things like how to apply mascara, how to colour match someone’s skin or how to do a cut crease. Things that I feel are important and harder skills to learn without being shown. I do feel like I learnt quite a lot from the other girls in my class more so than from the teacher with glam makeup. I’m hoping this will change in the next year with different teachers. I would like to have more confidence creating popular looks for nights out.

My favourite topic we did has to be fantasy because we could do anything we wanted. We had free rain to be as creative as we could be and create a unique look. I loved that we didn’t have to copy a specific look or copy anything, it was completely our own to run away with. I did also enjoy face and body paint, it wasn’t something I have ever done before and was quite exciting. We created two face paints, a back paint and a half body paint. I did really enjoy it.

My least favourite topic must be bridal makeup because I don’t feel like it was any different from my day makeup look. Plus, for this one we had to complete the look in 45 minutes, I just didn’t feel I could do it justice by rushing it. I got 100% for this assessment but I wasn’t happy with it and wouldn’t be happy for a client to leave with that makeup. We were told to buy individual eyelashes for this because we were going to be shown how to apply them. But we weren’t shown how to use them and didn’t get shown, seamed to be a waste of money.

I feel like to make the course better there should be workshops to show you how to do certain makeup now, so we can make money freelancing while we are doing the course because well the course isn’t cheap. Workshops showing you things like how to colour match skin properly, how to apply individual lashes/ cluster lashes, techniques for brows, how to apply mascara well, undertones of deeper/ pale skin tones and how to apply makeup or what not to apply for mature skin. I think a lot of these are important. Another very important point is there wasn’t anyone in my class with a deeper skin tone, so I wouldn’t know what best compliments the skin and how to make it look flawless, I’m so used to doing my own makeup and I’m very pale. I just think these would be helpful.

Overall, I did enjoy the course and the friends I made. It was so nice to be doing makeup everyday with other people who loved it just as much as I do. My theatrical makeup teacher was great and so organised which I like. Plus, we got to go on trips and watch demos from different makeup artist which I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do if I didn’t do the course. My overall grade was 9 Distinctions and 3 Merit. I was really pleased with this and happy my hard work has paid off.

Here’s to the next chapter of my makeup career, level 3.

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