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Dermaplaning & My Thoughts!

I have been contemplating dermaplaning for a few months now, weighing up the pros and cons. I like the idea of getting rid of all the peach fuzz on my face because basically I have a lot of it. But I did have concerns it was going to grow back, and I would end up with a beard, that being the worst-case scenario. That was my biggest worry, my peach fuzz would come back darker, knowing my luck.

I contacted a few places to get some prices and did a little research to see the side effects, even the rare ones. The only real side effects I came across were slight redness after or a few spots a day or two after. Everyone I spoke to and research I did made it clear that the type of hair on the face doesn’t come back darker, it would literally grow back the same. The prices I was getting were from £20-£65 for it done once.

I did find someone in Swansea I wanted to go to have it done because I saw online they do it really often and the results were really good. I contacted the person via their professional Instagram and was advised to contact her private one, which I did. They replied and advised they didn’t have any availability for a month, so I asked when the next available date was. I didn’t get a reply for 2 weeks, so I messaged again and still took another 3 weeks to get a reply. That’s so frustrating considering your trying to support a smaller business. So, I messaged again saying don’t bother. I wasn’t nasty about it, but it did put me off having it done.

After around a month I decided to call around a few places and called a place local to me. They had a cancelation that day and it was half price from £60 to £30. I couldn’t really pass it up. So, I went for it.

The process didn’t hurt at all, my face went a little red during and after but that’s just my skin. It only took 15/20 minutes. The amount of hair that came off my face is crazy and so satisfying but I don’t think I would pay £60 for something that took 20 mins. I didn’t get a facial or anything after just some moisturiser. I don’t think ill be doing it again anytime soon, not really worth it. Its been 5 weeks since, I wanted to see how my facial hair grew back before I posted about it.


My facial hair is exactly the same, no darker, maybe a little bit less hairy if I remember correctly. When they were doing the dermaplaning, they didn’t do my top lip because apparently the hair is different and grows back worse so I’m glad of that. I guess it is if you were willing to spend between £30-60 odd every other month. But for me wasn’t worth it.


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