SFX Assesment

After the many weeks of practice as mentioned in my previous post, it was time for my special effect’s assessment. For this assessment I had to make a story line and get a costume to go with the special effect look I was trying to create. For my story I decided to do someone in prison, there was an explosion and they were thrown into barb wire. I really wanted to incorporate burns, cuts and grazes. For this assessment we had 4 hours to create the look, get our model into a costume and take photos. Then we had time to remove all the makeup and help our model clean up.


I’m really happy with how my look turned out, the costume and overall look really matched my story line and I was really happy with it. I got 87% for this assessment. To get a higher mark I would have needed to go into the models hair more but to be honest I didn’t want to because my model had blonde hair and I didn’t know if the blood would come out of the hair. But I’m fine with that, really pleased with the overall look.

I used Wax, Artex, latex, Running blood and Congealed blood to create this look.




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