Special Effects Practice!

In college for our special affects assessment we spent the few weeks leading up to it practising with different products. So, I thought I would share the type of products we used and what we used them for.

Artex: We used this to make cuts and wounds. Artex comes in two parts, part A and part B. its really important with this not to mix the product in there pots because it will make the products to hard to work with. You need to take equal parts of the products and mix on the back on your hand. You need to work with it quite fast because it does set quite quickly.

Latex: We used this to create, 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns! With Latex you need to layer it to create the different types of burns. Dry the latex between each layer and powder. Repeat a few times depending on the degree of burn you are going for.

Wax: to create cuts! Wax is really nice to work with, its kind of like play doe, you mould it into the shape you want, but with this one you cant really put it on a place that moves. For example someones neck because when they move the wax could fall off.

Gelation: We used this to create wounds. I didn’t really like using this product because its an animal based product. So I used it once to practise. It can be used for cuts and burn scars too. With this one you need to put it in a packet in boiling water to make it a liquid consistency before you can use it.


Running blood: you can do a lot with this. Add to cuts to create more of a gory look or use it to create grazes.


Congealed blood: We used this to add into cunts and wounds to give depth or on grazes.


Bruises: new and old using cream makeup.

If we used all the above products in my practice lessons, we didn’t need to use them all on our assessment. We could use whatever we wanted to for the actual assessment.

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