25 things I want to accomplish before I’m 26!

  1. Complete my Theatrical and Media Makeup Level 2 Course
  2. Complete my Theatrical and Media Makeup Level 3 Course
  3. Become a freelance makeup artist
  4. Be involved in the makeup on a film in some way
  5. Get into the process of buying a house and start looking at property’s
  6. Create a brand name for myself
  7. Build my confidence applying makeup to clients
  8. Get myself physically fit
  9. Make time and look after my mental health
  10. Spend more time focusing on myself and sometimes be more selfish
  11. Get on top of my finances
  12. Start saving every month
  13. Spend more time with my friends and loved ones
  14. Start a fitness class of some kind that I enjoy and look forward to
  15. Complete my Maths GCSE resit
  16. Complete my English GCSE resit
  17. Learn how to do French plaits
  18. Continue doing my blog regularly
  19. Practice makeup more often
  20. Be more positive and focus on the good things in life
  21. Get a tattoo
  22. Learn how to use my camera and start using it more
  23. Drink 2 litres of water daily
  24. Learn how to edit photos and use Photoshop
  25. Try and be more involved in different brands


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