What I got up to for my birthday!

I honestly can’t believe I’m 25 years old, a quarter of a decade. I couldn’t tell you where the last 7 years have gone, I still feel like an 18-year-old. When I was younger I thought I would be an adult by now, but I don’t feel any more mature, I’ve just had to take on more responsibilities and not do stupid things anymore. Why was everyone right! Time goes so fast once you leave school and they are the best days, no responsibilities, no worries and the most important thing was socialising.


Still keeping with my inner child, I like to do something fun for my birthday, I feel like 25 is a big-ish birthday so I booked a few days off work, so I could just enjoy myself. Every year I go with a few of my friends somewhere for the day or evening, last year we went to Alton Towers and the year before a Safari Park. With everyone being so busy I decided to do something on the Saturday evening before my birthday. We went to bingo because well I love bingo and for food after. We went to Chiquito’s, literally one of my fav places to eat out.

We met at bingo just after 5pm, because we were all new members we only had to pay £5 for the entire afternoon and evening. So, we ended up playing so many games and didn’t leave until just after 9pm. It wasn’t our lucky night, none of us won any money but had a really good time.

Food was alright, I was a bit gutted because they don’t do halloumi burgers anymore and that was my favourite meal. So I had veggie fajitas but they were lovely. We had a good laugh and a few drinks to finish off the evening.


On my actual birthday, May 2nd I wanted to have more of a relaxed day with my boyfriend and my family. So we went bowling in the afternoon and out for food. We decided to go to the harvester because well we all really like it. I had such a nice relaxing day spent with my loved ones and lots of foodies. Plus, I kicked everyone’s asses at bowling, well the first game. On our way out of bowling we walked through the arcade and I had a go on one of the claw machines, only spent £1 and won a dumbo teddy. Happy birthday girl indeed.




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