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Ageing For Stage

As part of the theatrical side of my makeup course I had to do basically make someone look old, ageing for stage. My first thoughts were that we might be using latex to create wrinkles, but I was very wrong. All the products I used were cream based. The demonstration was done on myself and it took around 2 hours to do my makeup, hair and they had an outfit ready for me. Demonstration was done by my tutor.

I also had to learn how to age hands for stage as well and that would be part of my assessment. We all sat around a table and did it on our own hand as our tutor shows us what to do. It was harder to do that it looks.

Close up the ageing for stage makeup does look quite cartoony but if someone was on stage it would give the impression of someone aged. The look does take quite a long time to complete, especially when you are still learning the steps or do something wrong and you need to correct it. I did have a few lessons to practice. Creating this look is a lot harder than I first thought.

For the assessment I needed to get an outfit for my partner and do their hair and spray it grey to get the overall look of ageing. I had 2 hours to complete this assessment and take my photos of the look. I got a 85% which is a Merit.


Here are some pictures of my assessment and the overall look I created.

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