SoSu X Keilidh Collaboration.

I have been following Keilidh on Instagram and YouTube for a while, she is an Irish makeup artist and is so bloody talented. She uses a lot of products from a makeup brand called SoSu by Suzanne Jackson. SoSu by Suzanne Jackson is an Irish makeup brand who is cruelty free and ship worldwide.


Keilidh collaborated with SoSu and brought out a collection. I was so excited when sneak peeks of the collection came out, it looked so good. The collection includes:

1 x Urban Bible 16 Shade Eyeshadow Palette                                                                                 1 x Urban Rebel 7 Piece Brush Collection                                                                                         3 x Lashes – Black Heart, Ego & Keilidh


I couldn’t resist making a cheeky order, after all you need to treat yourself from time to time. I ordered the brush collection and 1 x ego lashes. I kept telling myself I don’t need another eye shadow palette but I ended up ordering it as well but a little bit later.

I’m not big into wearing false lashes but the ones I ordered applied easily and felt really comfortable on the eye, I kept them on all day. That’s a big deal for me because I always end up taking them off half way through a day, but after a while I forgot I had them on.


The brush collection is an eye brush set with a highlighter brush. The packaging on the brushes is so cool and on the back of the box it tells you exactly what to use each brush for to give you the best result, I think that was really helpful. I feel like this is what I needed, the perfect eye brushes, they are so soft and blend like a dream. I love the sleek all black brushes.


And last but not least, the Urban Bible 16 Shade eye shadow palette. The palette has 11 matt and 5 shimmer shades. I love that half the palate is colourful and the other half is more day to day / grungy colours. I felt inspired as soon as I opened the palette and have seen other people create so many different looks with this palette.


Some of my faviourate looks Keilidh had created with her palette.

I think there has been so much personality put into this collection. When I think of keilidh I think of bold eyes, she always creates amazing eye looks and this collection is just her to a tea. I would recommend treating yourself to this collection. I will leave all the information below if you want to have a look at the collection or check out keilidh and SoSu.

If you want to take a look at the collection:

Check them out on Instagram: KeilidhMUA & SoSu


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