Netflix: Update on Shows I would recommend!


The chilling adventures of Sabrina:

I wasn’t sure what this was going to be like, I grew up watching Sabrina the teenage witch and I loved it. But I honestly think this was better, it’s a more twisted version but really worth a watch. I loved it. Can’t wait for chapter 2.


The Sinner:

I think I preferred season 1 to season 2 but they were both good. You see a crime happen first and then the story unravels as to why it happened and there is always more to the story than you think. I did binge watch this one over a weekend. It does keep you on the edge of your seat.



I was really looking forward to this one because the main character was from Gossip Girl and I loved that show. It is about a young guy who basically stalks a young girl and becomes part of her life. Its creepy but so good. I also binge watched this one.

better calll saul

Better Call Saul:

I started watching this because I loved Breaking Bad, I did find it a little slow for the first 2 seasons but season 3 and 4, just WOW. It really picked up and I really enjoyed it.

lost in space

Lost in Space:

This show is literally as the title says, about a family lost in space. It’s based in the future and I really enjoyed it. After having to evacuate the main spaceship everyone became stranded on a planet they knew nothing about.



I really enjoy Riverdale and the story lines. It’s a teen drama based on a comic book. It’s got so many twists and turns which keeps you on your toes. Plus the characters are so lovable, well most of them.

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