My New Year’s Resolution!

I’m not exactly going to make New Year’s resolutions for 2019. I’m going to give myself goals and things that I would like to accomplish throughout the year.


This year I want to complete level 2 Theatrical and Media Makeup and get onto the Level 3 course. As well as pass both my English and Maths GCSE.


I currently work 2-3 days a week in my part-time job. I want to gain more confidence and start to do more freelance makeup and gain more experience. Maybe even look to get a job on a makeup counter to boost my confidence doing makeup on strangers as well as get more product knowledge.


I don’t so much want to lose weight exactly, the generic New Year’s resolution. I just want to lead a healthier lifestyle and be more physically active. Kind of take care of my body more and feel better in myself.


I love visiting new places and experiencing new cultures. So I would like to travel and go away as much as I physically can throughout 2019. Starting with New York City in February.


I want to make more of an effort to see my friends, with work and college I tend to neglect a social life. So I am going to make more effort, even if it is popping over for a cup of tea.


As well as make time for friends I want to ensure I make time for myself to relax and I want to work on stress. I get stressed out easily, usually for no reason. But want to be more relaxed.

So this year I’m not doing the generic ‘NEW YEAR, NEW ME’. I want to focus on myself and improve in all aspects of my life and enjoy myself.


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