Alien Collection.

As soon as I watched Jeffree Star’s reveal video for his Alien Collection, I was obsessed and had to buy it as soon as I could. The colours in the palette were just so beautiful and very different to any palette that I currently have. There were also a few lip products that really jumped out at me as well.

I really wanted the Velour Liquid Lipstick in shade “You’re Still On The Property” but it sold out within minutes so couldn’t get my hands on this one.

I bought a liquid lipstick in shade ‘Karma’ and a lip Ammunition in shade ‘Area 52’.

My favourite purchase has to be the Alien Palette. The colours are stunning and are so different to any palette I have or have seen. The palette is vegan and cruelty free.

The colours in the palette are:

  • Pluto – Icy white with a peachy duo-chrome shift
  • Titan – Ivory bone matte.
  • Alien – Cool green shimmer.
  • Interstellar – White gold shimmer.
  • Abduction – Chartreuse matte.
  • UFO – Green gold shimmer.
  • Gravitea – Soft tan matte.
  • Martian Soil – A cool mustard matte.
  • Flying Saucer – A turquoise matte.
  • Phone Home – A mauve brown matte.
  • Moon Rock – A forest green metallic with a gold undertone.
  • X-Files – A khaki matte.
  • Ghost OG – A dark khaki green.
  • Area-51 – A rich royal purple matte.
  • Space Cowboy – A cool metallic brown with a pearl shift.
  • Probe – A metallic oil slick with a green shift.
  • Tall Grey – A grey with a blue undertone.
  • Black Hole – A true black matte.

I ordered my palette on 9th November, on pre-order from beauty bay. I expected to have to wait a little while for it, But I was a little frustrated that I didn’t get my palette until 07th December. You know when you are so excited for a product and you see other people using it but can’t yourself, it’s frustrating. But beauty bay did stay in touch to say they will be getting them in soon with was nice.

The palette is £46.00, Karma and Area 51 are £16.00 each.

They are still available now is you are interested:


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