Netflix: Series I’ve watched and my thoughts!

  1. Riverdale

Riverdale is a teen drama based on characters from Archie Comics. I found this show really gripping from the pilot and I love the story lines. The characters have so many layers to them and are really likeable. Riverdale is on series 2 and series 3 is coming out at the end of the year. I found this show addictive and binge watched the first season, it’s so good. In my opinion this show is 10/10.


  1. 13 reasons why

13 reasons why is based on teenagers in America and all the hard times a lot of people go through. It starts with a young girl called Hannah Baker who commits suicide and leaves behind 13 tapes of why she felt suicide was her only option. This is the only show that I’ve seen that doesn’t brush over topics, such as suicide and rape. It is raw, and you can feel the emotion that each of the characters go through. It is such an interesting show and in my opinion this show is a 10/10.

13 reasons why

  1. Queen of the South

Queen of the South is all about drug lords, money changing and murder in Mexico and Dallas. There are subtitles at some points through the show but that didn’t bother me. The story line is so interesting and full of drama. I wouldn’t say this was an amazing show, but It was ok. In my opinion the show is a 7/10.

queen of the south

  1. Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is based in a woman’s correction facility. The main character is piper who was caught for a crime she committed and then adjusts to life behind bars. There is so much drama and a crazy story line, I really enjoyed this show. They are now on 6 seasons and still going strong. In my opinion the show is a 9/10.


  1. Disenchantment

Disenchantment is about a princess, who liked to drink a lot, and lives in castle in a kingdom called Dreamland. She has two sidekicks, one is an elf and the other a little demon that looks like a cat. I would compare this show to Futurama, it’s not your typical fairy tale. The humour is more subtle than other shows like Futurama and the Simpsons, but I did find it funny at parts. In my opinion the show is an 8/10.


  1. Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet is about a woman who turns into a zombie on the inside, as the show progresses you find out how it happened. She continues to try and live her life with her family as normal, well as normal as she can. I found this show really funny and really gripping. I binge watched this one. There are 2 seasons and the 3rd coming out next year. In my opinion the show is a 10/10.


  1. Girl Boss

Girl Boss is about a young girl who is struggling to support herself and starts selling things online. Slowly she starts to make a business for herself. What I love about this show is the main character is so relatable, she didn’t know what she was doing in life and was just getting by and finds something she is good and passionate about, and well it works for her. In my opinion the show is a 10/10, I hope they bring out another season.

girl boss

  1. Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin in all about a young Latina woman who is a virgin and get artificially inseminated by accident. There is so much cheesy drama and I love it. There is just something about this show that is so gripping. There are 4 seasons at the moment and I hope they bring out more. In my opinion this show is a 9/10.


9. The Staircase

The Staircase is about the suspicious death of a woman, her husband is the main suspect. It’s like a documentary where he speaks about his version of events while lawyers and expert’s witnesses prepare for the trail. I found this series so frustrating, I don’t feel like there was a conclusion to the series. I wanted to know what actually happened, was it an accident or murder, I still don’t know!! I enjoyed the documentary and all the evidence brought to life. In my opinion this show is a 5/10.



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