Instagram: My Favourite accounts right now!

Instagram is one of my favourite social media apps and has been for a while. I love scrolling through and looking at the different content people upload. There are thousands of accounts to look through for outfits ideas, make up looks, places to go on holiday, you can literally find inspiration for anything. So, I thought I would share my favourite accounts at the moment.


I always look forward to Sophie’s content. She has incredible style and is so bold with her looks. Her content is about travel, outfits, hair looks, makeup and her puppies. It’s so varied and I love it.


Her makeup looks are incredible and I love how she experiments with colour. Her hair is just as bold as her makeup and I love how she matches her makeup looks to her hair, very cool.


She is a crazy talented makeup artist. She creates so many beautiful looks and give so much inspiration for looks myself. I can’t recreate the amazing looks she does, but it gives me ideas for colours and looks to try.


This girl is incredible talented, and her makeup looks are so creative. There no way I could create these kinds of looks but I do get inspiration from her.

All my favourite accounts at the moment are associated with makeup because that’s what I enjoy and am passionate about.


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