Greece: Rhodes!

Sometimes you just need a week away in the sun to relax, I love having a holiday to look forward to. We started looking at different places in January, see what deals we could get. We did look at a few different places but finally decided on Greece. I’ve never been there before and loving exploring new places. We looked at a few different areas and finally settled on Rhodes. We stayed in the Amada Colossos Resort.



Our room was stunning, immaculately clean and we were on the 8th Floor. I do love a room with a view.


We were all inclusive which is so nice, no arguments about where we want to go for dinner and endless food and drinks. There was so much food available, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and anything you could want they have. Plus, the food was delicious.  They had 3 restaurants on site that you can book into for free, but needed to be booked the day before and they only take a few reservations. The food was stunning but a bit too fancy for my taste.


The hotel was on the beach front which you could see from the pool. On the other side of the hotel there was a little waterpark too with a lazy river which was nice, we only went there once because it was so busy. We had a view of the waterpark from our room.


We went to the waterpark which was literally a 5-minute walk from our hotel. A little train drove you up the hill for free to the waterpark, because it was up a massive hill the views were incredible. The waterpark was huge, we did a lot of running around and went on every slide so many times. I am a child at heart.


We did book a boat trip to go snorkelling, you must go on a boat on holiday. We were picked up from out hotel and taken to the marina to get the boat. It was a full day out which was nice and they took us to a platform they had in the sea for us to go snorkel off and some others scuba dive. We could come and go in the water all we wanted throughout the day. On the actual boat we were closer to our hotel than the marina so they took us on a little speed boat back to our hotel so we didn’t have to take a pointless journey back to the marina which was nice of them.


The flight was ok, I’m not the best when it comes to being a passenger but it wasn’t too bad. On the way there I just ate my body weight in food and watched episodes of Friends I downloaded before we left. I slept majority of the way back but there was turbulence which put me on edge but wasn’t too bad. I had such an amazing, relaxing holiday, shame the week went so fast.




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