Urban Decay X Kristen Leanne

I decided to buy a few bits form the Urban Decay X Kristen Leanne after seeing different looks and swatches on social media. The colours looked stunning and bright in the one palette and natural in the other. They also have a few lipsticks in this collection and highlighter palette. I bought two eye shadow palettes and a lip stick. I don’t really wear highlighter so didn’t see much of a point buying it. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a new collaboration, it’s been out for a few months and is still available.


The packaging is lovely, it does show that a lot of thought went into it. The eye shadow palette has a pattern that looks like smeared makeup that looks so cool. Both the palettes have mirror with ‘stay gold’ written on them which if I remember correctly is something she always says, very quirky.


Kaleidoscope Dream palette is so bright and bold. I adore the blue, gold and shimmery white colours. You get 11 different shades and they are all lovely. You can really play around with the colours in this palette, they are so pretty. I do really like that the pans are different to majority of palettes and unique.


Daydream palette is a matte neutral palette which is perfect for everyday make up and for transition shades. You get 5 different natural shades in this palette. I have hit pan on this palette because I use it so much but I have had it for 3 months so not too bad.


You can create a full look using both palettes which is great. They are so easy to work with and blend, even the brighter colours. I have hit pan on this palette because I use it so much but I have had it for 3 months so not too bad. There is some fallout with both palettes but I don’t mind that considering how easy they blend.

I bought 1 of the 3 lipsticks in this collection. Bun Bun is what I purchased, it’s a creamy matte nude colour which I’ve worn so much, I love it. It applies so well and doesn’t feel really dry, its delightful.


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