Sophie Hannah Beauty!

I decided to create my first festival look using Sophie Hannah beauty products. I have seen so many people on social media creating such incredible looks and wanted to give it a go. Sophie Hannah Beauty was created by Sophie Hannah Richardson, soon to be Sophie Hannah Stanford, she is an influence on YouTube.


She brought out her own brand of glitters and face jewels, something she enjoys and is passionate about. There are a lot of brands who do face jewels now but I think hers are really unique and affordable.


I ordered Blue Moon Glitter, Gem choker body jewel, Ophelia Face Jewel, hair tattoos and many more jewels but haven’t had a chance to use it all yet.


I used the Ophelia Face Jewel, it was so easy to apply and stuck to my skin really well even with foundation, I kept it on for about 4 hours and it didn’t move at all. I also used the Blue Moon Glitter under my eyes, I stuck this down with eyelash glue. It was easy to apply and peeled off really well, I was expecting to have glitter everywhere but it wasn’t bad at all.


I’ve ordered from Sophie Hannah Beauty twice now and the service is great. On my second order there was one Jewel missing, Sophie was away so someone else oversaw sending out orders. I had a reply regards this the same day and my missing item was sent as well as unicorn glitter as an apology. Really good customer service, I would most defiantly order from her again.


Here is a link to the website If you are interested in any of the products:


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