Belated Birthday Surprise!

I’m not the best with surprises, I like to know what’s going on so I can be prepared. My boyfriend said he’s booking something for my birthday and were going off for the day on the 19th May. My birthday was on the 2nd, I couldn’t cope not knowing so he told me on my birthday what we were going to do. Before he told me, he said he needed my height and weight to book it, I was adamant it was sky diving, I couldn’t think of anything else you need weight for… I was very wrong! We went Horse riding.


It was booked for a half day and we had to be there for 2pm until 4:30pm. The weather was so nice, really sunny but a little cloudy which was perfect for horse riding. We went to Cantref Adventure Farm in Brecon Beacon.


It ended up just being the two of us, no one else booked onto the group. It was so nice just being us and the instructor, was perfect. My horse was so well behaved and lovely, its name was Roddie. My boyfriend’s horse was so naughty and kept wanting to do its own thing, before we went out they did say that his horse is a diva but didn’t think too much of it. Half way around he had to change horses with the instructor because he was so difficult to ride. I felt bad but glad it was him and not me.

We learnt how to trot, which is like a jog, not quite a run and faster than a walk. I was impressed with myself, and really got into it. Didn’t realise how much I would enjoy horse riding. We also went through a stream and over the mountains surrounding, it was such a lovely day with stunning views.


After horse riding we had a little look around and it was a working farm with so many cute animals. There was a room of sorts with so many different rabbits, guinea pigs and all sorts. They were very cute and you could actually adopt them and take one home!!!!! I was so tempted.


We were having a wander around and could here sheep, it was a room with a stage and benches. I sat down and they asked if I want to feed a baby baba, I was sat there with about three children under the age of 10, but I didn’t care. That made me so happy.


There was also pigs at this farm, so we went over to have a look and there was so many piglets. They were adorable, I had to lean over the gate as far as I possibly could to smooth one. I also fell in but it was so worth it. Literally wanted to take one home, if they stayed small I think I would have, they are adorable.


I had such a good day, best belated birthday surprise. I love animals and couldn’t have thought of a better day out. I would defiantly recommend going there, its very family friendly and a lot of fun.


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