The Weather Collection Review – Kylie Cosmetics.

I thought I would give an update on the Kylie Weather Collection now I’ve had a chance to try it out and share my thoughts on the products I tried.

I love the packaging for this entire collection, it’s all based around the weather. There’s a mix of yellows, blues and silvers. It shows a lot of thought went into the package and so much detail. On the lipstick bullets there are little lightning bolts engraved. So much attention to detail. Calm before the storm palette is perfect for the summer and are all pastel colours. Eye of the storm palette is a darker palette which can be used for everyday looks and nights out. I do wish the eyeshadow palettes had mirrors in them but I do love the different shades in both palettes.

Calm Before the Storm Kyshadow Palette

I was pleasantly surprised by this pressed eyeshadow palette, I expected it to be chalky and have a lot of fallout but it didn’t. It went on really well, very easy to blend and there wasn’t any fallout. The colours are more pigmented that I thought, will be perfect for the summer.


Press Powder Highlighters

I tried Cloud 9, Stratus and Golden Hour and I do love them all, they are so pretty and blend so well. Out of the 3 I have tried, I must say Cloud 9 is my favourite and I think really suits my skin tone.

Yellow Eyeliner Pot

Out of the collection this was the most disappointing for me, I had big expectations for a bold and bright yellow liner. I removed the excess product onto the back of my hand before applying to my eyes, I couldn’t get the colour to come out at all on my eyes. I tried on an eye with eyeshadow and I couldn’t get it to work. It took a lot to get the excess product off my hand, literally stuck like cement.  However, I will try it again with no eyeshadow and see if I have any luck.

Violet Moon and Destiny Glitter Eyes

I tried 2 of the 4 metallic colours, Violet Moon which is an icy blue colour and Destiny which is a deep bronze colour. I used my finger to apply the product and it applies very well and dries fast.


Nova Matte Lipstick

Nova is more of a pink nude, Cosmic is a brown nude and both go on like a dream. I am a sucker for a nude lipstick and I love them both. It doesn’t dry my lips out at all and smells like birthday cake.

Nightfall is a black lipstick, I don’t wear dark colours very often at all but this is so pigmented. I’ve never tried a black lipstick that’s as pigmented as this before, it’s really nice.

Flash Gloss

This product surprised me a lot, I didn’t think it was going to be any good but it was. It’s so glittery and bright on its own and looks stunning over the top of a lipstick. It dries down fast and isn’t sticky like some glosses can be.

Overall, I am really pleased with this collection, don’t get me wrong I didn’t like the Yellow eyeliner but I’m going to give it another go. My favourite products have to be the flash gloss and the calm before the storm palette.


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