5 wonderful walks in Wales & England!

I thought I would share some beautiful walks I’ve been on in Wales (where I live) and England.

1. Puzzlewood, Coleford GL16 8QB

I went here with a few friends for a nice relaxing Sunday walk, we went in September so it did rain. Majority of the walk is covered by trees so the weather didn’t really matter. There is a car park, I can’t remember if we had to pay or not, I’m pretty sure it was free. However, you do have to buy tickets to walk around puzzle wood. Adult ticks £7.00 Child Tickets (3-16): £6.00 and under 2-years old are free. It does look like a magical forest. They also have a little farm too, with horses and chicken. Bear in mind it’s not open all year long.





2. Penallt, Monmouthshire NP25 4AJ

This walk is on the outskirts of wales and if you cross any of the footbridges you end up in England. We parked and had a drink in the pub before we ventured off, we walked along the river. When we walked back to the pub where we started, we walked over an old footbridge which had old disused train tracks next to it, it was so lovely and picturesque. Over the bridge there is a little park, so couldn’t not go on the swings before we made our way home. We went in January, was a little cold but it was dry all day.




 3. Four Waterfalls, Aberdare CF44 9JF

This was such a beautiful walk, it’s a good day out, not a quick walk. It’s not all flat, you would need to walk over rocks and small climbs, nothing to strenuous. If you follow the path there are lots of waterfalls. You do have to pay for parking but the walk is free, we should have taken a picnic and will when I go again. We went in the summer last year; the weather was beautiful and dry all day. Some of the walk was under trees but not all.






4. Cardigan, Tresaith Coast / Beach SA43 2JL

I went away for a long weekend in Cardigan, there was so many stunning walks to choose from. Walking along the coast, down onto the beach and up the mountain was beautiful. It was a long walk that kept going, but was well worth it. We spent a good few hours doing this walk, if I remember correctly It was around 6 hours. We did stop and have a sit down on the odd occasion and get some lunch of course. We did have to pay for parking close by, the walk was free.





5. Sea Wall, Newport NP18 2PH

The sea wall is quite close to my house and I love it! Literally is the sea wall, when you get there you walk up some steps and you can walk along the sea wall. Across the water is Bristol. You can walk all the way along and it’s so pretty when the tides in. I have been on this walk more times than I can even count. The road to the Sea Wall is a dead-end so you can park there for free and no charge for the walk. You can choose how long the walk is and go as far as you can.





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