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Zip World!

I have always wanted to go to Zip World, so me and my best friend Ceejay decided to go. They have the fastest zip line in the world and longest in Europe. They have lots of different kinds of Zip wires to choose from. We did the Velocity package which was the small zip wire, the quarry tour and the longest zip wire.


It took us just over 4 hours to get there, I drove us. We left at 7:30am to make sure we had plenty of time and didn’t end up being late. It takes a couple of hours to do the zip wires but it’s worth it. We went in September and were really lucky, the weather was lovely and so sunny. We had such a good time. The supply you with all you gear need and you can opt for a helmet with a camera if you want.



We had to sit in the back of a waggon sort of car to go up the side of the quarry to the zip wire, it was most defiantly a bumpy ride but the view was incredible when you got to the top. There was about 8 of us all together in a group which was perfect, there wasn’t really any waiting around at all. The zipwire was brilliant, little scary but such a rush, I will defiantly do it again.


After having such an amazing day, we got back in the car to come home, I noticed the oil light was on so drove back to the main road and purchased oil from a garage and filled it up. Less than half hour down the road it came on again, so I topped it up with the oil I had left…. And BAM it came on again. Long story short there was an issue with the little part which was leaking oil, a lot of oil. We had to call AA, otherwise my engine would probably have exploded if all the oil drained. I called them about 6:30pm, it literally took 5 hours for them to send someone who was local to fix the problem.

Once this was fixed it was around 10:30pm, and still had a 4-hour drive home to look forward to, I assumed I would have been home by now and didn’t see the point in booking the next day off work. So, I ended up getting home around 2:30am, was such a long day. Incredible but I was exhausted, next time someone else can drive.


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