Alton Towers!

It’s my birthday week, so for my pre- birthday I decided to go to Alton Towers with my friends. Every year we do some activity for the day, last year we went to West Midlands Safari and the year before we went to Longleat Safari Park.

We wanted to make the most of the day so decided to leave at 7am, it took us just over 3 hours to get there. The park didn’t open until 10, so perfect timing. All together there was 5 of us, so only had to take one car which was nice.


We booked online in advance so cost £33 for the tickets instead of £55 on the day. I do love roller coaster but the queuing does suck sometimes. We did consider fast track but half wanted to and half didn’t, it’s quite expensive for what it is. To go on rides fast trick as many times as you like it would be £95 on top of your ticket prices, there are cheaper fast tracks but with those you only get to go on the ride once, so we didn’t bother with that.


The weather wasn’t the best, it rained throughout the day. I don’t think I have ever been to a theme park on a dry day, it’s always rained but we all had waterproofs on so didn’t mind. It was very busy throughout the entire day, lots of queuing.

I do wish we paid the extra and did fast track, because of the queuing we only ended up going on 5 rides. We went on Rita, Thirteen, Hex, Galactica and Wicker Man. Some rides didn’t open on time so had to wait a little longer. Hex (we only had to wait for about 30 minutes), Rita (we queued for just over an hour), Thirteen (around 1 hour and a half), Galactica (queued around 2 hours) and Wicker man (we queued just under 3 hours). So, we did spend a lot of time waiting around but that’s just how it is with theme parks.


Galactica used to be called Air, but now you get a choice to have a virtual reality helmet. I’m so glad we waited a little bit longer to do that. I’ve never tried it before and it was so much fun. So, the roller coaster is the same as air but it’s the strangest feeling with the helmet on. I was literally flying through space and it was just amazing, I would definitely recommend this ride!


Wicker Man is a new ride that’s only been open for a few weeks, it’s a wooden ride and is apparently based on a movie but I haven’t seen it. There was a really long wait for this ride, but that was expected because its new. The ride was longer than it looked with lots of twists and turns, was worth the wait and if we did have time I would have gone on it again.



We took a pack lunch with us to save a bit of money, food at Alton towers is crazy pricey. But we did get hot doughnuts because I couldn’t resist. We did have a really good day, despite the weather. We did play on some of the arcade games, I won a big purple dragon teddy on the game where you have to throw the ball and knock the cans over…. It might sound sad but this made me very happy. I think the next time I go I will go for fast track so we don’t have to spend majority of the day waiting around.



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