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YouTube Favourites!

I’ve never really been interested in YouTube before, didn’t have an account or anything like that and I would always delete the app off my phone to save some memory. However, this year I got really into watching videos and I made an account so I can keep up to date with the people I subscribe to. I easily have a gander or watch a video once a day now. So, I thought I would share my favourite you tube accounts and what I like about them.

Sophie Hannah

Sophie was the first person I subscribed to on YouTube and I really do enjoy the content she puts out. I came across her on Instagram and saw the link to her YouTube channel and thought I would have a look. She uploads such a variety of videos to do with beauty, travel and lifestyle and is consistent which I love. Her weekly Vlogs are brilliant, if she’s having a bad day she will say and comes across as very relatable person. She has such a quirky style which I love, her look books and hauls are great.

View Sophie’s channel: sophie hannah 3

Hannah Witton

Hannah is just an amazing person, she is so open about all the topics everyone seems to shy away from such as sex, sex toys, periods and all kind of other things. Personally, I think it’s really refreshing for someone to openly talk about these topics because no one really puts it out there. She also discusses a lot of other topic, such as books, weekly vlogs and look books. Hannah also brought out a book last year and it was such an interesting read.

View Hannah’s Channel:


Colour Creep

Kimberley is an unbelievably talented artist; her makeup creations are insane. Her content is just beyond creative and unique. She can create amazing beauty looks and really creepy looks too, she is so skilled. Her content is always so bold, I absolutely love it. I really enjoy her step by step videos to create these looks, they are great.

View Kimberley’s Channel:

Nicol Concilio

Nicol is a beauty vlogger who creates incredible looks and reviews different products too. I’ve been subscribed to her channel for a few weeks now, she comes across as such a genuine person who is doing what she loves. Her makeup tutorials are easy to follow, she is good at explaining what she is doing and why she’s doing it, which I love. She seems like a very bubbly and happy person in her videos, she seems honest with her opinions and if she doesn’t like a product she will say.

View Nicol’s Channel:


Jeffree Star

Jeffree is someone I’ve only recently subscribed to. I came across his channel while looking for a review about a beauty product, I just adore how brutally honest he can be. If you want to know if a product is worth buying he will tell you exactly what he thinks which I think a lot of people appreciate. The looks that Jeffree creates are just amazing, so crazy talented.

View Jeffree’s channel:

Manny MUA

Manny Is a beauty vlogger who I have been subscribed to a few months. He comes across a such a fun-loving person and I do really enjoy watching his makeup tutorials and product reviews. The videos of him reactions to other people trying to recreate his looks are just hilarious, he does make me laugh. He is so talented and the looks he creates are just stunning.

View Manny’s Channel:


Laura Lee

Laura lee has such a strong accent and I love it! I really enjoy watching her makeup reviews, they are so fun and get right to the point. Her makeup is always amazing, this lady has skills. Make up tutorials are always so easy to follow and she always explains what’s she’s doing step by step, plus the overall look is always flawless. She does some great makeup challenges and always so consistent with her videos.

View Laura’s Channel:


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