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Theatrical & Media Make Up Course!

I finally did it this year and completed a Theatrical and Media Make Up (Fashion and Photographic Make Up) over 9 weeks. I do get a qualification from this course but It’s like a taster course for the fulltime course. Throughout this course we covered 3 different looks, Bridal, Period and Fantasy. The assessments were graded as a Pass, Merit or Distinction.


I found bridal makeup the hardest because it basically had to be perfect, it would be someone’s wedding day and they want to look and feel beautiful. I did enjoy learning different makeup techniques and ways to apply makeup to give a more natural look. It was hard to do makeup on someone else, only ever done makeup on myself before but I did it. I received a Merit for this assessment.




For Period makeup I got to create looks I hadn’t even thought about creating before. I had to create a look from the 1920’s, 1950’s,1960’s and 1980’s for my mood boards and practice each look on myself and take photos to evidence it. I had to choose one look to do for my assessment. I chose the 1980’s because it was so fun, colourful and very bold. I did really enjoy doing this look, eye makeup was bold and they piled on the blusher. I received a Distinction for this assessment. 




My favourite look to create had to be Fantasy because I could create anything I wanted… literally anything. I love that everyone in the class came up with a different idea and not one was the same. I created a Mermaid Fantasy look which was so fun to do, my model for this one had bright orange hair so worked perfectly. I was surprised how well this look came out after only practicing it once before. Would happily do this one again. I used lots of bright colours, Gems and Glitter to create this look. I received a Distinction for this assessment. 




I did enjoy this course but it was hard to learn so much over such a short period of time. Trying to find time to practice before my next lesson was difficult working full time but I think it was worth it, I’ve gained confidence and learnt a lot of different products to use when doing my own makeup. I would love to do the full-time course and have time to learn a lot more, plus it covers so many different topics. I’m so glad I did this course, it showed me just how much I love Makeup and creating different looks.

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