Back to college…ish!

I’ve always had an interest in makeup but never really had the time to practice other looks outside of my everyday makeup. Even on nights out my makeup didn’t look much different from my day to day look. So, I decided to look into different courses that I could do in the evening, so it wouldn’t interfere with my full-time job.

I started looking at courses in the college that was local to me but what was available was limited and not what I really wanted to do. Then I came across a course a little bit out of the way. I found out they run a 9 week Theatrical and Media Make Up (Fashion and Photographic Make Up) course.

I would still get a qualification at the end but it’s a little different to what you would get at the end of a full-time course. I had to pay for the course and I had to buy a kit with all the makeup and brushes I needed, so I ended up spending around £450 before the course even started.

(1950’s look and face chart)

Over the 9 weeks, the course covered bridal, period and fantasy make up. For each of these topics I had an assessment, Bridal and Period makeup were both 1 hour assessments, and fantasy was a 3 hour assessment to show we could create these looks, Along with all my research on a mood board (basically a collage).

IMG_E6409 (Bridal Mood Board)

I am so glad I did this course, looking at photos of my makeup when I started the course and now, I can see little improvements and have so much more confidence doing makeup on other people. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a pro at all but as long as I enjoy it, that’s the main thing right 😊

(My interpretation of a 80’s look & face chart)

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