Contact Lenses!

The first day I started wearing contact lenses will always stick with me because it made me so happy. Finally, I didn’t have to wear glasses every day. It was very strange over the first few weeks getting used to them but now it’s just the norm. Contact lenses are the best, well 95% of the time.

As soon as I was old enough to give contact lenses a go, I did! At first I struggled, I just couldn’t put them in my eyes, it’s not particularly a nice sensation. It did take me 4 appointments over the space of a year to be able to put lenses in myself and get used to having something in my eye that shouldn’t be there.daceyThe only thing I find is my eyes do get really dry, I can’t really win at any point of the year. In the summer I get hay fever which isn’t fun in general let alone when you put contact lenses in the mix and in the winter having the heating on dries my eyes out. Aqua drops do help, but not a complete fix. You can get individual little vials or a little bottle.

Thinking about it, I don’t remember my eyes being as dry when I had daily disposable contact, now I have monthly disposable. Maybe I’ll give daily disposable contact a go again and see if that makes a difference with my dry eyes, we shall see.


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